The things you notice when sitting on the sidelines…

As most of you would have no doubt noticed, I have been a little bit quiet on the vegan front of late.

This was done for a few reasons, part of it being so that I could take a step back and have a look at things with ‘fresh eyes’ so to speak. I can tell you this, that I was surprised by some of the things that I discovered.

There seems to be more than a few fakes and self appointed gurus out there that from the outside looking in have the potential to do more harm than good to the ‘movement’ if they haven’t started already.

The Fakes:
They are easy to spot because when they give presentations, talks or write things you will hear me, my and I a lot. They try to draw attention to all the things that they have done, and there is very little actual substance to what they are saying once you remove their continual references to themselves and their supposed accomplishments. Another thing that the fakes tend to do is promote themselves heavily on forums and the like looking for ‘volunteers’ to do a particular task for them. Now whilst there isn’t really anything wrong with this, these fakes themselves, very rarely do anything for others without expecting a premium price for their ‘services’.

The Educators:
These are easy to spot due to the large number of people that they have who appear to have formed a virtual human shield around the ‘educator’. These educators do their ‘education’ from closed forums where it is heavily moderated by those who follow that are worshiping at the feet of the educator. The forums are that heavily moderated that should someone ask a question that will get the educator to actually think of a response or could potentially highlight a gap in their teaching, it is deleted and the one that asked the question in the first place is removed and blocked from the forum.
Remember the great teachers actually encourage disagreement and discussion.

The Followers:
These can be found in groups and are usually the ones that form themselves into the ‘virtual human shield’ around The Educator mentioned above. More often than not, they are easy to spot as they are just regurgitating verbatim what The Educator says, often actually quoting them too. The Followers, for apparently being rather intelligent people, seem to actually have lost the ability to have an independent though themselves, in case it conflicts with that of The Educator. They actually remind me of the people on the space ship in the movie Wall-E. All blindly following along with what they are told to do…

Now, that I have described those that I feel that are the most dangerous to the movement, what am I?

Well, obviously, I am not one of the above. I know I am far from perfect, nor do I claim to be either. I am just a normal person that is passionate about veganism. Yes, I may have done things wrong in the past and I do realise that. I charged into things full steam ahead thinking that others will join me, only to burn out and become disillusioned by the whole thing.

A friend once asked me if I liked it when people disagreed with what I have to say. I told them that I did so long as they had actually thought about the reason why they disagreed with me. And that if they had thought about it, then there would a genuine discussion around the difference of the two opinions.

In closing, all I am asking of people is to;
A) Be politically incorrect and think for yourselves.
B) To question everything. Just because Guru X or Y said it, doesn’t mean to say that you have to agree with it.

What are your thoughts?