This State’s Politcal Saviour

There is a little over a week until Queensland voters head off to the polls to elect a state government.

All of the major parties have had their policy launches and the rhetoric is flowing think and fast. With impressionable voters lapping it up.

Throughout the campaign, it seems that the LNP is constantly being portrayed and the ‘bad guys’ with the Greens and the ALP boasting about their environmental credentials. This is nothing more than political spin to distract attention away from what they dont want you to see.

A vote for the ALP will see them look for investors and fund a slaughterhouse for north west Queensland that will kill 100,000 animals per year. The ALP also supports the aerial killing of feral animals, as they have done in the past. Should they be re-elected, this will undoubtedly continue.

The Greens don’t fare much better either. We all know that they will continue to support factory farming, yet they also support ‘scientifically sustainable’ shark fishing. This is a species that is on the verge of extinction, and under far greater pressure than whales are, though they aren’t supportive of the plight of sharks.

They support commercial and recreational fishing as long as it is sustainable.

Develop and introduce effective regulations to protect animal welfare, based on enforceable standards for Animal Husbandry that are monitored by an independent and adequately funded agency.

This is nothing more than paying lip service to those who are concerned about animal welfare by suggesting that they can have enforceable standards and tougher animal husbandry legislation. Supposedly, we already have more than adequate legislation, it just isn’t enforced or followed.

They also haven’t specified that they will use non lethal methods to control feral animals as per their biodiversity and environment policy.

To be brutally honest, the only reason that The Greens are making a huge public push to get votes has nothing do with maintaining the integrity of Queensland politics, it is ALL about the funding they receive after the election.

Saying that you are going to vote for The Greens, as they are the lesser of three or four evils is nothing more than a cop out. You do have an alternative, and that is to vote independent.

As I have written in the past, when you vote for a member of a political party, that person will vote along party lines, and not in the best interests of the electorate, and the people that voted them into parliament. You have a far greater chance of influeincing a meat eating independant than you do of a vegan that is a member of a political party.

When that piece of paper is in front of you on election day, and you have that pencil in your hand, unless you can say that you 100% agree with everything the party stands for, you shouldn’t vote for them.

We are supposed to vote for those who will best represent us, the electorate, in parliament, not the political party they have pledged their allegiance to.

On March 24, will you be voting for a puppet of the political parties, or someone that will listen to their electorate?

What are your thoughts?