Vegan Survival

It seems that the omnivorous world has a bit of an obsession with Bear Grylls and the TV show that he stars in. Whether  you think what he does is as fake as the WWF, most people can’t seem to get enough of him. Whilst most of the things that he does seem to be in the realm of the completely daft and suitable for those who aren’t squeamish about eating insects, it did start me wondering what is the average vegan supposed to do in a survival situation?

With that in mind, I thought it was time that someone actually put together a survival kit for those of us that are vegan, and the idea for this page and future posts was born.

Starting off with the items that I think are essential for the modern survival kit, and working my way up to what to do if you become stranded in different environments, along with examples of some of the things that you can eat if you become stranded.

I also have to add the dreaded legal disclaimer that the information contained here is only to be used as a guide, and that it shouldn’t take the place of actual training or participation in survival courses.

What are your thoughts?