Vegans and the EOTW

If you have spent time on any of the multitude of EOTW (End Of The World)/Survival Forums, one of the most common thoughts seems to be that the superior meat eater will survive whilst the inferior vegan will quickly starve, and then be willing to forgo their ethics/morals and start eating animal products again.

Is there any truth to this, or is it just a case of testosterone overload by those on the forums?

Ultimately, it will come down to how prepared you are, though I’d be willing to bet that your average meat eater will be the one that suffers more, as I very much doubt that McD’s or Pizza Hut will still be open when the EOTW is finally upon us.

Don’t believe me?

Take a look at the panic buying that happens whenever there is a pending natural disaster. Among the first items to disappear from supermarket shelves are the fizzy drinks, meat, dairy and bread. The things that you can realistically live without, and that will spoil without refrigeration. Yet even the most unprepared vegan is bound to have at least a few days worth of dried beans, lentils, or rice buried away in the cupboard somewhere.

Contrary to what those who post on the forums think, not all vegans live on tofu and fake meats. Granted, the availability of fresh fruit and vegetables may be difficult to come by after Z-Hour, though it won’t only be the vegans will feel the impact of this.

What happens when your food runs out? Once again, that depends on how much planning you put into your EOTW scenario. If you bunkered down where you live, there may be food tinned or otherwise left in your neighbours house that they didn’t take with them when they abandoned it. If you are lucky enough to live in the suburbs, there may be enough bush food growing wild without you having to resort to killing animals to survive. Though if it does come to that, wouldn’t it make more sense to eat what they are eating and forage for food rather than setting traps or trying to hunt something?

Should it come time where the clock is chiming for Z-Hour, there is no reason why a well prepared vegan survivalist can’t be amongst those who are left standing, saying “I told you so…”

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  1. You know i disagree with half of what you say, Cam, but this is amusing and interesting.

    Dried legumes seem like a great survival food. If you have some alfalfa and similar seeds on hand, and you had access to water, you could sprout them if vegetables/fruit are hard to come by.

    But there are so many plants around, i guess someone skilled in bush food would be able to get a fair supply without too much trouble. Although if you want something with energy content, that might be a different story.

    A few years back, someone i know showed me several plants common in yards and and other areas that we could eat. These are plants that typically spring up by themselves

    This site shows us a few common ‘weeds’ we can eat:

    Another good one is purslane:


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