Vegans and Vaccination

Among the many things that people do that never cease to amaze me is the reaction that vegans have when you start talking about vaccination. As with anything one of a number of matters that deal with a persons health, the response is usually very emotional, and it is made worse by the main area being childhood vaccinations.

It can also be predicted, there are those that blindly and whole heartedly agree with it, and there are those who are completely against it.

My own personal view is that I am totally against it.

Of particular fascination to me is the number of vegans that will proclaim the effectiveness of vaccination in doing this that or the other thing. They usually happily quote whatever government stats that they know of as if it is some sort of validation of their view. Yet the funny thing is that when it comes to veganism they are the first to tell you to disregard the government information. Things like the food pyramid, meat and dairy consumption etc are put out by government departments that have vested interests are are controlled by powerful lobby groups.

As expected, the Qld government published a Ministerial statement, coming out against Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination Network, bleating about how good and safe vaccinations are. There have been criticisms of her lack of formal scientific education, and giving us the misleading idea that Dr’s are always right.

Yet I haven’t seen one thing come out from any government refuting the 10 Reasons why parents question vaccination that is on the AVN’s webpage.

Another thing that I do find interesting is that there is legislation forcing companies to list the ingredients in the food that you put in your mouth, yet the ingredients of the vaccine that you are injected with remain a mystery. This YouTube clip is worth watching, even if it is a comical one.

Thinking that vaccines are safe, did you know that there is a fairly good chance that they contain the following ingredients?

Thiomersal: An organomercury compound. Mercury in any dose isn’t good for you, hence the reason that most people no longer have amalgam fillings in their teeth. And countries all over the world are banning the use of Thiomersal.
Egg By Products
Sulfate/Phosphate Compounds
And who knows what else…

All this is injected straight into your body, bypassing it’s natural defences.

[GARD]The ingredients listed above should be enough for anyone to doubt the information put out by the government about the safety of vaccines, without even going into the testing, if any that is involved prior to them being launched on an unsuspecting public.

Regardless of the information that is put out by those on both sides of the vaccination fence, if you have any doubts about the safety of vaccination, don’t do it.  Remember vaccination in Australia is not compulsory.

Just in case I have upset someone or get into a little bit of trouble with what I have written, the above is my personal opinion. I do not have any medical qualifications and what I am advocating for is freedom of choice, and that if someone does decide to vaccinate that they are provided with information from both sides of the discussion and are able to make an informed decision.

What are your thoughts?