Danielle, an Australian, Brisbane 22 year old is hoping to get involved and be chosen as an Action Agent to spend 5 months in the Borneo rainforest rescuing, caring and rehabilitating endangered orangutans, rebuilding the rainforests and to star in a, 3D Action movie and televisions series.

Danielle has worked at Australia Zoo as well as volunteering in many of the wildlife departments at the Zoo and Wildlife Hospital which has given her vast experience in helping sick and injured wildlife. She’s currently finishing her Masters of Animal Studies, majoring in Wildlife Conservation at University of Queensland as well as a TV Presenting course through TPD Media at Channel 7 Studios. Danielle’s ultimate goal is to eventually have her own television series to bring more wildlife awareness, inspire adults and children to make a difference in their own communities by helping animals and the environment.

Currently known as Danielle Nilsson Animal Guru she provides valuable information to over to 1200 loyal followers by posting blogs online and bringing constant awareness to campaigns and organisations. She has travelled the world participating in all sorts of high adrenalin adventures but her next quest is a big one; to save the worlds rainforests and stop the critically endangered orangutan from becoming extinct by being chosen as a leader for PROJECT BORNEO 3D.

A massive global initiative called DEFORESTACTION is being launched to collaborate with millions of young people around the world to halt the world’s deforestation. Taking it Global and Microsoft Partners in Learning, are teaming together with acclaimed conservationist Dr. Willie Smits and Orangutan Outreach, where 10 action hero’s will be chosen to go to Borneo for 5 months to rescue and rehabilitate orangutans, create global awareness, create a sanctuary, rebuild the forests, create a sustainable way of life for the local people and report to the millions of young followers world wide. Virgo Productions are teaming with National Geographic Entertainment and other incredible industry leaders to film a 3D Action Movie and television series from this Project. Danielle’s Submitted video is at the following link

Danielle hopes to bring awareness to this global project by getting additional people on board, and asking for more for support by voting on her video so that she can travel to Borneo and first hand be part of the necessary effort to save these endangered orangutans.

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Contact: Danielle Nilsson, 0412272154,

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