Week In Review. Sunday 13 July 2014

Here are some of the interesting animal related things that have happened in the past week and a bit.

Passengers Injured in Horse-Drawn Carriage Crash

Last Monday, 14 people riding in a horse drawn carriage in the Queensland town of Longreach were injured when the horses leading the carriage were spooked. The carriage ran off a causeway and crashed into a dry creek bed.

Reports indicate that the horses were uninjured.

Crocodile Handler Bitten During Show

Trent Burton, a crocodile handler with Shoalhaven Zoo at North Nowra is receiving medical attention for a bite to his hand that occurred during a show last Monday.

With this incident not being the first time that a ‘handler’ at the park has been bitten by a crocodile, I do have to wonder why they still keep them.

Oh, that’s right. To make money off them.

Also, despite what the mainstream media is saying, this was not a crocodile attack. If ‘Big John’ had indeed attacked Mr Burton, I highly doubt that he would be in need of a few stitches afterwards.

The End Of Sam Kekovich?

Something that has to cause a lot of us to breath a sigh of relief is the possibility that we could be seeing the end of those dreadful MLA/Sam Kekovich ads.

At the recent LambEx conference in Adelaide, Imperial College London food marketing professor David Hughes, made comments that one way for lamb improve domestically was to encourage more under 40’s to consume the product.

This is something that wasn’t happening with the Sam Kekovich ads.

Still speaking of those ads.

The 2014 campaign resulted in 80 complaints being lodged with the Advertising Standards Bureau.

Unfortunately we do need to remember that the ASB has previously said that the ads were “over the top and not intended to be taken seriously by members of the community”.

Wallaby Cull To Go Ahead

Sadly, the Queensland Government is going ahead with plans to kill 1050 wallabies in the Mission Beach area.

With conflicting views as to how many wallabies are in the area, the Government claims 1660, whilst locals say approx 400, it is equally concerning that nothing about this issue has been raised by any of the Queensland ‘animal groups’.

I guess it just shows that wallabies must be a pest after all, or they aren’t as ‘equal’ as flying foxes or greyhounds.

Coming This Week

In an effort to keep myself writing and this site updated, below are the articles that will be published this week.

Chickadee Magazine. An Objective Review.
A no holds barred review of ‘Animal Liberation’ Queensland’s ‘tween’ focused magazine, Chickadee

The Power of Going Off Half Cocked
What happens when you comment on things just because you have seen a photo on fakebook?

Is Hunting Vegan?
The answer might surprise you.

Aussie Farms And Chris Delforce. Raising awareness or setting things back?

But Dingoes Eat Other Animals!
How to respond to those types of comments.

Regarding the Longreach horse-drawn carriage accident.
It has been reported that a ‘rogue plastic bag’ spooked the horses. The operators Kinnon and Co have been doing tours for eight years, and this is the first accident of its type.
Still doesn’t make it right.

What are your thoughts?