What Did The Trumps Do That Was So Wrong?

For the past few days, my facebook feed has been bombarded with people posting links to articles criticising the behaviour of Donald Trump Snr’s sons who went big game hunting in Africa.

As silly as this may seem, what was it that they did that was actually wrong?

It seems that the only thing that the did wrong was to post a picture of themselves on the internet with their ‘trophy’ that got picked up and published by the media.

Whilst what they did may be ‘morally’ wrong to some, they didn’t break any laws and they even donated the meat from the animals killed to the local community. So theoretically, the animal wasn’t “wasted”.

The Trump’s are being publicly condemned for this act of brutality, with the media jumping on the band wagon feeding the fallacy that there is one rule for the rich and another for everyone else. Yet where is the public condemnation for this invidual, this one, or even this one? Be warned that those links will take you to photos of hunters with the animal that they have killed.¬†Those three images came from the facebook group Pig Hunting With Dogs.

The only difference between the two is that those above went after wild pigs which are deemed a pest, whereas the Trump clan went after ‘Big Game’ animals.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying that one party is better than the other, what I am saying is that all hunting is wrong and should be stopped, regardless whatever¬†altruistic purpose is attached to it.

Yet by the same token, where is the public naming and shaming of those caught poaching or trading in prohibited items, such as Ivory. Not only is that against local laws, it is in breach of international law too.

This is where animal welfarists and protectionists lose credibility. The lack of a clear and constant message is creating more harm than good for the animals themselves and those who are actually concerned about animal rights.

If one animal is worth being protected from hunting, then ALL animals are worth being protected from hunting.

What are your thoughts?