What Does It Mean To Be Vegan?

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With the growing popularity of the term ‘vegan’ and the number of celebrities that are adopting a vegan diet increasing every day, you could almost be forgiven for thinking that veganism is all about food.

As much as we’d like to think that veganism is just a convivial gathering of people, there are other things to think about that are related to being vegan.

Whilst we all have our different reasons for “going vegan” in the first place. For some, like myself, it is for health reasons as we understand that the consumption of animal products is not conducive to a healthy diet, there are some who do it out of concern for the environment, there are those who do it for moral or ethical reasons. And there are those who went vegan out of concern for the way that animals are treated and exploited.

Today for me, being vegan is about so much more than food and health, it is about raising awareness of the plight that ALL animals are facing on a daily basis.

This is also why I am what you would call an abolitionist vegan. I cannot see nor understand the point of increasing the size of the cage that the animal is kept in, or improving the way that they are treated just before they are slaughtered, because the end result is that they are still being killed.

It frustrates me literally to the point of ranting when I hear those who are vegan saying that we will never get the whole world to go vegan and that animals are still going to be killed, so we should support something that improves their life before it is brought to an end.

I don’t agree with protests or handing out leaflets because the vegan message is too important to be discredited using the spray and pray approach.

Honestly, I don’t give a whoopty-doo if the world goes vegan or not, what I DO care about is that the person that I am talking to, understands what I am saying about veganism. The cold hard reality is that we will never get through to the whole world, because advertising by animal agriculture is just too powerful, though that doesn’t mean to say that we can’t have an impact on individuals.

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Yes I have put myself ‘out there’ in a spot where I could potentially face ridicule or resistance due to what I am saying. Yes I have had people block me on facebook and accuse me of things that are untrue in the “real world”, there are people who no longer talk to me either because of my views on vegetarianism as a whole or that I am unwavering support of abolition.

I will continue to question the perceived benefits of welfare reform or new legislation that is allegedly there to protect the animals, when all it does is make the use of animals more palatable to the wider community, and does nothing to actually stop animals being used.

In the big scheme of things, whilst it may occasionally get me down and there are times where I feel like no one is listening, it is at these times where someone sends me an email about a post that I have written. It is times like these that remind me that what I am doing, I am not doing it for my own self interest. I am doing this for the animals, and to get them out of the hellish conditions that they face every day.

I’m not bothered if you don’t agree with the things that I write here, or elsewhere, just so long as you know why you disagree with me, and that it isn’t because I wrote it.

If you do disagree with something that I have written, please feel free to comment on it, as I will always encourage meaningful discussion about the things that I write.

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