What Will You Actually Save Them From

This past week I received two emails in particular that both upset and infuriated me at the same time.

The first one was an email from Animals Australia that was asking for donations. The email featured a picture of a bull that I believe is from their recent Gaza/Ban Live Export investigation.

Whilst I don’t really have any issue with Animals Australia asking for money via email, they are a business after all. The bit that infuriated me was the big bold caption that said “Because of you, we will save animals like him.”

Unfortunately for the animals, and regardless of how much money you give to Animals Australia, all they “may” be able to save other animals from, is being killed overseas.

What Animals Australia have conveniently forgotten to tell potential donors is that these animals are designated food animals, and will be killed regardless.

If it isn’t overseas, it will happen here.

The other email came from a supporter of my work letting me know about the next in a seemingly never ending list of deceptive tricks from the supposed vegan group, Animal Liberation Queensland.

It is the image below, straight from their facebook page.

Despite what Animal Liberation Queensland will have you believe with this image, the only thing that not having a greyhound track built in Logan will save thousands of lives from, is racing at that track.

What is it that they really want to save these thousands of lives from?

A life of being a commodity, relatively well looked after with access to food, exercise and medical attention, discarded when no longer profitable, or the life of a virtual prisoner, designated as someone’s property, confined in a suburban environment, possibly well looked after with food, exercise, socialisation and medical care, kept whilst it is ‘convenient’ to the owner, and the possible medical costs don’t outweigh the emotional value.

In either scenario, the greyhound is still property that will be readily discarded or killed when he or she becomes too expensive to keep.

What they aren’t telling you is that if the track isn’t built in Logan, it will be built somewhere else in South East Queensland. This means that there wouldn’t really be thousands of lives saved in the end.

The other thing that I find really disturbing, and kind of irresponsible from a supposed ‘vegan organisation’, is that they are promoting the keeping of greyhounds as pets.

How many of these ‘new’ owners will be feeding their ‘pet’ a 100% plant based diet?

As there is very little, if any information on the ALQ website about feeding other animals a plant based diet, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to guess that these owners will feed them traditional pet food, which in animal based.

So once again, an organisation that is supposedly about liberating animals, is placing importance on the lives of one species of animal over another.

Maybe someone should explain to them what speciesism is.

What are your thoughts?