Where Do You Stand?

What are your views on the use of non-human animals for food, clothing, medical research, entertainment, etc?

Do you think it is acceptable under certain conditions, or are you opposed to it?

If you believe that incremental change/regulation is the way towards an end to use, the time is fast approaching where you will have to make a very hard decision.

Do you continue to champion for improvements with the way that local animals are treated, or do you draw a line in the sand, so to speak, stand up and say that you want to see an end to animal use, and you will not accept anything less?

The time has long gone where it was once plausible to believe that regulation and reform would have led to the end of animal use.

That message has now been hijacked by those supporting the very industry that they are supposed to be at odds with.

Organisations like The Australian Greens and the RSPCA are far more experienced at influencing the public, via a complicit media, than any grass roots organisation will ever be. Using emotive campaigns to further their own agenda under the guise of improving standards for animals caught within the animal agricultural system.

Sadly, these organisations whilst they espouse a message of allegedly caring for the welfare of animals, seem to be more focused on increasing the profits for those who kill and exploit animals rather than looking for ways to end their use.

Whilst it is true that those individuals caught in the mechanisms of animal agriculture can always be treated better, the unfortunate truth is that those well meaning people who are actually concerned about the animals will now be helping to promote and make profitable an industry that has no intention of stopping what it is doing.

Therein lies the conundrum.

Do you campaign for improvements to the way that animals are treated, further increasing the profitability of the commodity, to an industry that only understands profits? Knowing full well that whilst the industry is still able to achieve a profit, it will continue to treat animals as a commodity to be exploited.


Do you decide that enough is enough and that the focus will now be to end their exploitation? Taking the belief that whilst there realistically isn’t anything that you can do for those animals that are currently within the system, that their life won’t have been forcibly taken in vain.
That the day where they are all liberated from continual exploitation will happen.
That day will happen within your lifetime.

Maybe the decision isn’t that hard to make after all…

What are your thoughts?