Who Gives A F*$k What James Aspey Is Doing

Once again, the Echo Chamber’s greatest animal rights activist, James Aspey is showing how “much” he is doing for the animals.

And once again, there are parts of the vegan “movement” that have gone into meltdown.

Are they doing the right thing by attempting to warn others of his, what some say, deceptive activities?

Or, are they simply giving a neverwas attention that he doesn’t deserve?

Jimmy Craves The Attention

The one thing that these, ahem, influencers crave the most, is attention.

The more attention they can get, the greater the chance there is of something about him appearing in the corporate media.

And, this is exactly what has happened with his recent puppy rescue fiasco.

In this instance, the number of people disagreeing with his actions the “story” wa picked up by the tabloid media.

This lead to a handful of articles appearing online claiming that vegans “turned” on Jimmy.

A far better optoin would have been to simply ignore him, as happened when the borders closed.

Surely You’ve Got Better Things To Do

Considering everything that is going on in the world at the moment, I am truly surprised that people have the energy or the motivation to track what Jimmy is doing.

I honest thought that after the crowd funding campaign that he launched to pay for his wedding, I didn’t think that anyone paid attention to him any more.

I don’t care if it is washing your hair, painting your nails, or watching grass grow.

Any of it has to be better and far better for your mental health than following what Jimmy does on social media.

If you don’t. All I can say is I wish I had a much free time to worry about pointless crap like you do.

But What About The Animals?

Yes, Jimmy probably exploited the plight of the puppy for social media attention.

Yes, Jimmy’s (in)actions probably lead to the premature death of the puppy.

Though the thing is, every single person or organisation who uses other animals as a drawcard for attention exploits them in some way or another.

I am not saying that Jimmy should get a free pass because others do it.

What I am saying is that we are going to start condemning those who exploit animals, we need to start at the top, and upset that business model.

When that happens, people like Jimmy won’t feel inclined to exploit other animals for their own gain.

He’s The Least Of Our Problems

With all the excitement that has come about due to Jimmy’s puppy fiasco, you’d be forgiven for thinking that he is the most pressing problem facing today’s vegan movement.

Except he isn’t.

And, there are problems that are a far greater threat to veganism, and “the animals”, than Jimmy ever will be.

While it is a given that new vegans will develop a little bit of misanthropy on their journey, things are getting worse.

The level of misandry within the “movement” is getting dangerous.

And, equally dangerous is the amount of influence that left-wing fascism is having on communication and attitudes within the “movement” these days.

Today’s vegan “movement” is all about identity political, and promoting whatever sociological theory is trending.

It has lost its ability to have rational discussions on anything.

With the only view that is acceptable is one that is, shall I say, “inclusive”.

Yet, that “inclusiveness” is quickly disenfranchising vast segments of current and potential vegans.

And, that is a far greater threat to the “movement” and the animals, than Jimmy will ever be.

Image: facebook

What are your thoughts?