Why bother even protesting anymore?

Hot on the heels of the announcement that Gold Coast City Council Mayor Tom Tate refused to allow a plan to hold a vote on the use of exotic animals in circuses on council land comes the announcement that Queensland will be the first state in Australia to hold Quarter Horse races.

Premier Newman made the announcement at the Houston Rodeo, which he visited as part of his trade tour of the US.

Whilst Premier Newman is of the belief that animal racing forms part of tourism to Queensland, which he has designated as one of the four pillars for growth, the promise of an investment of $60 Million dollars into the Mary Valley region would have helped seal the deal.

For those who may have forgotten, the Mary Valley region was the area that was resumed by the Beattie/Bligh regime for the failed Traveston Crossing Dam proposal.

The Australian Quarter Horse Racing Development Pty Ltd also appears to have reached an ‘agreement’ to purchase a 1,600 hectare property in the Mary Valley.

I wonder if we will see the usual 1% to make it right protests at these races?

To make matters worse for entertainment animals in Queensland is the announcement that the proposed plan for a single turn greyhound racing track in Logan is going to go ahead. Construction of the $12 million track is scheduled to start in May of this year.

As an added sweetener to trainers in the greyhound ‘industry’ is a $1.2 Million annual investment in appearance fees for racing in Queensland was announced by Racing Queensland Chairman Kevin Dixon.

[GARD]With these three announcements happening in the same week, and two of them attracting protests by concerned groups, it would appear that protesting is as effective as everyone makes it out to be.

Isn’t it time that everyone started working smarter, and not harder?

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