Will Animal Liberation The Organisation Bring About Animal Liberation?

If you believe the propaganda, there are three organisations at the fore front of Australia’s animal advocacy movement, Animals Australia, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and the Animal Liberation franchise.

As we know, the RSPCA through it’s national governing body is more interested in ensuring that animal agribusiness complies with the respective State/Territory based animal welfare legislation. They also occasionally make media statements to highlight what they see are shortfalls in the current Model Codes of Practice.

Animals Australia, whilst people seem to think that they are there ‘for the animals’, their track record seems to indicate that they aren’t there so much ‘for the animals’, as they are for increasing awareness of their brand. I am still baffled that all of Australia’s alleged vegan organisations are still supporting Animals Australia, despite them virtually condemning veganism and acknowledging that they are not about telling people what to eat or wear.

This leaves the various branches Animal Liberation franchise to be the champions for the plight of other animals.

Despite what the franchise’s name implies, and people are deceived into believing, there is very little about this organisation that is seeking to ‘liberate’ other animals.

To begin with, Animal Liberation states that their founder based the organisation on the philosophies of Peter Singer in the book Animal Liberation. Whilst the group claims to be an animal rights charity, those who have actually read the book will know that Singer doesn’t specifically call for the liberation of animals. Additionally, as a utilitarian he does not believe that other animals should have the same ‘rights’ as humans, or that those ‘rights’ should be the same across different species.

With the exception of Victoria, none of the other animal liberation groups make any mention of the use of other animals. Instead they focus on the treatment and conditions, campaigning for this treatment to be ‘less cruel’. Though of late, Animal Liberation (NSW) seems to be more interested in consumer protection than actual animal liberation.

That being said, and as the organisation was founded on the premise of treating animals better/kinder, whilst still using them, are we being unreasonable by expecting it to be launching campaigns that seek their liberation?

The answer to this question will depend on what side of the fence you are sitting on.

If you are concerned about the egos and agendas of those who have influential positions within the franchise, then the answer is yes.

Yet, if you are an advocate for other animals, and actually do want to see them freed from subjugation, then the answer is no.

If the latter is your answer, and I honestly hope it is, the next question that needs to be asked is why is it so hard for this franchise to actually do that?

2 thoughts on “Will Animal Liberation The Organisation Bring About Animal Liberation?”

  1. You say that Animals Australia “virtually condemns” veganism, but offer no explanation of how you arrived at that conclusion?

    • Hi Bernie,
      Thank you for your comment.

      I arrived at the conclusion primarily based on the things that I have seen in the past, and on their update ‘About’ page.

      Perplexingly, Animals Australia has been labelled by some as a ‘vegan organisation’, while at the same time being accused by others of encouraging the consumption of animals. These two contradictory claims are both false. Animals Australia is neither of these things.

      Why we are not a ‘vegan organisation’
      We don’t believe it’s appropriate to tell anyone what to do or think (or eat, or wear). But we do believe we can provide the information that people need in order to make truly informed choices that are in line with their own values.

      Then to add insult to injury, there was the recent Ban Live Export campaigns where they invited representatives from the meat workers union to talk. This is the same industry that I believe a majority of vegan activists want shut down.

      If that isn’t condemning veganism, then I would really hate to see what they would do to promote it.


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