Will Another Protest Stop Live Export?

If you are reading this on Monday morning, and are quick enough, you might be able to take part in the combined Animal Liberation Queensland and Animal Justice Party protest at PM Kevin Rudd’s Morningside office.

This protest is to support an activist who has traveled around the countryside and collect a large number of letters.

Whilst full marks go to the activist for doing this, I do have some grave concerns about the timing and the organisations putting it together.

My concerns begin with whether Animal Liberation Queensland is actually doing anything to liberate other animals, or promote themselves.

Then there is the fledgling Animal Justice party that people are jumping up to support as if voting for this political party is going to magically release all animals from oppression.

Then there is the question as to why do it now?

As most of those living in Australia will know, there is a federal election due on September 7.

This means that the government is in caretaker mode, and nothing much can be done in the way of new legislation.

So much for his promised Inspector-General of Animal Welfare and Live Animal Exports.

Even if he did promise to do something about live export, IF the ALP is re-elected, it would be easy for him to delay it or change his mind after the election.

With the odds being that the Liberal/National Party coalition will win the election, this whole exercise looks to be nothing more than a publicity stunt by the two organisations.

The live export trade will be stopped when the farmers who are involved in it, decide that it is not something that they want to take part in.

Legislating against it won’t happen as there are too many powerful lobby groups working behind the scenes, and this makes petitions and discussions with politicians an exercise in futility, as none of them are game enough to take on the lobby groups.

What are your thoughts?