Wouldn’t you hate to be involved in the racing industry at the moment?

I think that all these people in the racing and associated industries have to be one of the most selfish groups of people ever to be written about. Every news report, article in the paper, and radio segment is saying how much money these poor hard done by people are loosing. Yet nothing is said about the condition of the horses, how they are feeling, what drugs they are getting pumped with, and so on.

Industries face challenges all the time, it is the ones that can weather the storms that need looking after and protecting. Not those that only have an “entertainment” value. I was involved in the transport industry for a few years, and there is still yet to be any adequate government assistance for it. Fuel costs are rising, registration is rising, roads are getting crappier, and still there is no hand out from the government. And there is still yet to be a Royal Commisssion into fuel.

The racing industry is stopped by an outbreak of Equine Influenza, and now they want money and to point the finger at someone.

Fair enough, they all want someone to blame, so they don’t have to take responsibility for the things that they have done. As far as finger pointing goes, I think they should start with themselves. If they are 100% blameless, then look for someone else. Though we know that that will never happen.

There is even a quote from Racing NSW’s chief executive, Peter V’Landys saying “It would be cruel to keep the horses locked up. For the welfare of the horses, we probably will allow continual training to occur,”. Now let’s get this right, he is worried about the welfare of the horses, yet he is in the NSW horse racing industry. Can you spell the word hypocrite?


Then there are the “losses” that will be incurred by the gambling industry.


Tabcorp claims that this lock down will cost it about $150Million. I don’t know about you, though I am pretty sure that a gambling company that is not going to be receiving $150M is a good thing. Hopefully, that means that all those “struggling” families out there will keep the money that was going to be wasted betting on an event where the only winners are the owners, the racetrack, and the bookies. Who knows, this may have an even better flow on effect and keep inflation down, and protect us from another interest rate rise…

Or the other thing that could happen is that these people that are desperate to gamble on something would turn to greyhound racing to get their “fix”. Unfortunately this is an even crueler industry than horse racing is. Greyhound racing has always been called the “poor mans horse racing”. This also means that the dogs that are forced to race cost a lot less than a horse does, so that means that they are more disposable if they don’t perform. It is easier to put a dog down that only cost a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars, as opposed to a horse where the investment is in the tens of thousands…

The racing industry profits from the pain and suffering of the horses. The greed and gullibility of punters, and people willing to profit from other peoples misery.

Who has ever read in the paper or seen on the news a story about someone that stole millions of dollars to go to an Anthony Robbins seminar, or something like that. Yet the reports about someone going to court after being charged with theft of huge amounts of money happens all the time.


And even Kevin Rudd has got in on the act. Once again, he has asked for timeline of when things are going to happen.

What are your thoughts?