2019: Open Letter To Queensland’s Animal Justice Party Candidates

Below is an email that was sent to all the Queensland candidates for the Animal Justice Party on Friday 03 May 2019.

Knowing full well, that the email is likely to go unanswered, I have posted it here in the hope that others will ask them the questions too.

Any responses received will be posted.


Hi there XXX,

Congratulations on being endorsed to stand as a candidate for the Senate in Queensland./Congratulations on being endorsed to stand as a candidate for the seat of ???? in Queensland.

As someone who lives in Queensland, and writes for a blog that has readers in the area where you are standing as a candidate, I was wondering if you would mind answering a few questions on their behalf?


Your charter says you want “Constitutional protection of animals”.

What would that referendum say, and how much tax payer money are you willing to spend to get a yes vote?

Is this what is meant by the catchphrase animal rights in law?


In a recent facebook live stream, candidate for Ryan, Joanne Webb said that the AJP want to “put forward an argument that animals and the environment are granted legal personhood”.

What type of personhood is this, and will it cover all animals collectively, or individually?


We keep hearing that the AJP is doing things for animal rights except the vice president said the party is about “animal protection”?

There is a big difference between “rights” and “protection”.

So, which one is it?

Question: (This question was only asked to Karagh-Mae Kelly)

You have said you want tougher legislation and sentencing for those who commit “animal cruelty”. How can you do this when you are going into federal politics and animals are a state based concern?

And, are you advocating mandatory sentencing, thereby taking away the independence of the judiciary?


Renee Stewart is running as a candidate in the lower house seat of Macpherson. How can the party which will soon be making laws endorse a candidate who has no regard for the laws we have?

If some laws are meant to be broken, who decides that?


How is continually breeding “companion” animals, respecting the rights based “subject of a life” position?

How will that work with either the constitutional protection or personhood positions that the AJP has?

Doesn’t that present a conflict of interest for you, as your business is reliant up people keeping “companion” animals? (This was added to Karagh-Mae’s question, and mistakenly left in for others).


If the LNP get in for another term, will you support them if they choose to deregister the CFMMEU due to its recidivist and lawless behaviour?


Can you please tell us more about the carbon tax that was announced by the candidate for Ryan, Joanne Webb, in a recent podcast appearance?


If the Animal Justice Party is against censorship, and the silencing of advocates, why have all the questions/comments that myself and others have posted on Animal Justice Party candidate pages been removed?


If the ALP is able to form government, will you support the ACTU/ALP campaign to Change The Rules?

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I can say, that both the readers and myself are looking forward to your answers.


In the Talking To Politicians podcast, candidate for Ryan, Joanne Webb said that the AJP doesn’t lean towards any particular side of politics.

If this is the case, why are we seeing the Greens or Labor Party preferences 2nd or 3rd on the how to vote cards?


We keep hearing about a Federal Animal Rights Commission.

Considering that the Commonwealth has no constitutional authority to pass laws relating to animals, what will this Commission actually do?

And, why will it be called the Federal Animal Rights Commission when it will be focusing on how some animals are treated, which makes it animal welfare focused?

End of questions

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I can say, that both the readers and myself are looking forward to your answers.

Good luck,


Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

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