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Let’s Talk About Activism

We are being told by other vegans that "we" need to be "active" and do some "activism". Though, do you need to be yelling at people, wearing a mask or gaffa tape over your mouth to be an “activist”? Or are there other forms of activism that a person could do to...

Do We Need Another Animal Welfare Movie?

The vegan world is abuzz with Dominion fever. The sequel to the previous animal welfare movie that focused on pigs, Lucent. This new documentary will feature high quality footage of our treatment of other animals. It also claims to feature footage never seen before in...

About that Meme

When talking about animals rights issues or veganism to challenge the status quo, you expect a bit of push-back. Though the last place you would expect the worst to come from is from within the ‘movement’ itself.

Good-bye 2017, Hello 2018

2017 has gone, and the paint is still wet on a brand new 2018. It is usually at this time that we pause to reflect on the year gone by, and set plans for the year to come. Sadly 2017 was the year that Tom Regan passed away. The world has lost one of the genuine...

The Bullying Has To Stop

A little over four years ago I wrote an article asking “How Entrenched Is Bullying Within The Animal Advocacy Movement?” While I do hold high hopes for this ‘movement’, sadly things aren’t getting better. In fact, I genuinely believe they are getting worse. Which is...

Time To Talk Politics

As vegans we are ‘told’ that we should support the Animal Justice Party. I refuse to. Here are my reasons why, and why I think other vegans shouldn’t either.

About That Kiss…

I am tempted to say that it was the kiss that shocked a nation, though this is more about the comment that caused a social media meltdown

About Dogma And Boxes

The misnomered “vegan strategist” is at it again. Claiming vegans are dogmatic, yet failing to see or understand the dogma he has created for himself.