5 Reasons Why Vegans Shouldn’t Attend The Ban Live Export Protests.

All over social media, the rallying call is going out to vegans to attend the protest in their state.

One event even says, “It’s up to us to be LOUD for animals and demand a complete and total ban on live export!”.

I am sure you have heard of all the emotive and half-baked reasons why you should turn up.

Though, here are five reasons why any self-respecting vegan shouldn’t attend the “ban live export” rally today.

Reason 1: No-one Will Be There

Brisbane’s event is being held at Parliament House.

On the weekend.

As Saturday definitely ISN’T a sitting day, it is doubtful if anyone apart from security staff will actually be there.

There is a claim that this spot was chosen because it is a “central location”.


Central to what?

ANZAC or Post Office Square is a “central location”, and actually easier to get to.

Reason 2: It Is Speciesist

The protest is about animals being exported live to overseas markets for slaughter, yet they say nothing about those animals who are exported for “restocking”.

Or what about the animals in Australia that are transported by road to be killed here?

I’d be willing to bet if the ships were air conditioned, with freedom to move that there would only be token protests, if any at all.

Remember, these alphabet groups are the same ones who “bear witness” or hold “vigils” for those animals killed locally.

Is the protest really about is how these animals are sent overseas, or who does the killing?

Reason 3: It Supports Anti-Veganism

Animals Australia isn’t a vegan organisation.

Actually to be clear, the organisation rejects veganism and actively promotes those who are opposed to it.

Tobias Leenaert and Melanie Joy, featured in the “advocates” section are doing all that they can to water down veganism.

Tobias, for example, thinks vegans are “crazy”, “dogmatic” and “purist”. And, we haven’t touched on his support of racism and bigotry.

Reason 4: Won’t Actually Achieve Anything

The states have no constitutional authority to restrict live export.

So, if the states can’t do anything about live export, and the federal government won’t pay any attention to the report they commissioned, who is it exactly the “message” is being sent to?

If these groups were genuinely interested in ending live export, they would be working with farmers to help them move away from animal agriculture, and into something plant based.

Oh, hang on.

I just remembered, there aren’t any selfie opportunities in that, so forget I mentioned it.

Reason 5: Promotes Racism

These protests actually promote racism due to the view that overseas slaughter practices aren’t as “humane” as ours.

Yet the movie Dominion, which most of those attending probably watched supposedly showed us that things aren’t that comfy here at home.

Yet all they do about that is organise a parade to promote that movie.

In another state.

Yet, the thought of some heathens killing OUR animals in their own country, is that offensive that they have to organise a national day of protest.

If that doesn’t exemplify racism, I don’t know what does.

What Can You Do?

So, what can you do to end live export?

Unless you are willing to travel overseas to evangelise the rest of the world, my suggestion is to focus on local issues.

Put pressure on their groups to stop wasting money on t-shirts and placards, and use that money to invest in ways to help farmers move away from the shackles of animal agriculture.

Contact your local member, and political party, and tell them that you want industrial cannabis taken off the Drugs Misuse Act 1986 (Qld), and treated like any other human consumable crop.

Study permaculture, and use that knowledge to help farmers repair and find alternative uses for land damaged through animal use.

The list is endless.

It just takes you thinking outside of the box, and finding something that actually makes a difference, rather than participating in events that look like they do.

UPDATED: 07 October 2018. Removed 3rd party ad code

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  1. Have you seen the photos of all the people at Melbourne and Brisbane rallies today? Over 2200 at the melb one.


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