About Dogma And Boxes

My favourite ‘reducetarian’ is back at it ridiculing vegans and veganism.

What I would like to know is, why do those who don’t understand or do not want to be vegan are so intent on putting it down.

Staying true to form, the Vegan Strategist’s latest claims have no basis in reality. His latest claim is that vegans are dogmatic, close-minded and stuck in metaphorical boxes.

That is, until you have received the word of the strategist.

What makes it embarrassingly ironic, it that his ‘teachings’ are dogmatic and close-minded.

Absence Of An Open Mind

From a recent blog post of the misnomered ‘Vegan Strategist”.

Despite his claims Tobias is only open-minded to things that are not related to veganism.

Tobias doesn’t like having his gotchas challenged. Any attempt to do so, is ignored, or deleted.

Nor can you question what his idea of a consistent vegan is.

If the clip below is anything to go by, he isn’t able to talk to or have conversations with those who are not blowing wind up his Khyber.

Did that sound empathetic to you?

A genuine vegan strategist would be helping those he teaches to identify a market that is open to ‘conversion’.

Yet this meta-activist fails to do any of that.

Enter The Dogma

This is where things get interesting.

In all his attempts to remove dogma from veganism, he has created his own dogma for reducetarianism.

His dogma is:

Vegans can’t call themselves vegan. Or tell others that they are because it is a “scare word”.


Those who are X% vegan, (anywhere from 49% upwards) are able to call themselves one.

He takes this further by framing his gotchas to give the impression that vegans are inept at any sort of social interaction.

That is, until you have attended one of his “training” sessions.

Agenda Behind Propaganda

Every time you read something that Tobias Leenaert has written, you need to remember one thing.

This is a professional talking to you.

The only way that he can stay a professional is to keep people paying for his “training”.

The only way he can do that is by painting vegans as something they are not.

And pretending he has the solution.

As one of my trolls pointed out, he travels the world giving talks and workshops.

So, unless he is being supported by his partner, he needs to get an income from somewhere…

Let’s make it clear.

Someone wanting to make sure that an item is suitable for vegans is no more dogmatic than a coeliac making sure it doesn’t contain gluten.

Yes, the coeliac has a medical condition.

Though the vegan believes in something bigger than themselves. And wants to make sure they aren’t contributing to the rights violations of others.

And this is what Tobias has a problem with.

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  1. The problem Tobias is addressing is presenting living vegan as a long list of “no”s. In this way, he is correct. However, it is important to convey the fact that “vegan” is not a diet, yet it is based upon the tenet of doing the least harm possible. In an effort to convey the rejection of cruelty, too often veganism is presented as a list of restrictions rather than presenting veganism as embracing the positive qualities of compassion and caring for others (of all species) and the environment.


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