About that Meme

Animal advocacy is a funny ‘thing’ to be involved in.

The more vocal, or talk about issues, the more likely you are to become a target of those who want to maintain the status quo.

Though one thing you don’t expect is to be the target of those within the animal advocacy movement.

And that is exactly what has happened to me recently.

The History

Over the years I have become more vocal about the ways in which groups organise their animal ‘advocacy’ efforts.

It is my view that every action should be looked at for the long and short term impact that it will have on those we are supposed to be advocating for.

The animals.

It was with this view in mind, that I started to question the ‘validity’ of noisy placard waving protests.

From that point on-wards I started to look more critically at the way organisations conducted themselves. And, if that conduct was inline with these groups said they were.

Being lucky enough to live in Queensland, there appeared to be only one group that was known in the area.

This group is Animal Liberation Queensland.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

This group claims that they are a “vegan” group, they also claim that they are an “animal rights” group.

And, the very start of their written constitution states:

2. The objects for which The Company is established are:
(a) To abolish man’s attitude of speciesism towards animals,…

I also raised concerns about their inability to ‘liberate’ an animal when they shutdown the Highchester slaughterhouse.

The response from one of the organisers of the event was that getting a few minutes of media attention was more important than the life of an animal.

Other concerns that I have raised about the organisation are.

Involvement in the “Magic Millions” Protest.

This is a speciesist event, as they are saying it is ok to race horses if 1% is diverted to a ‘retirement fund’.

The You Bet, They Die protest.

Here they are saying that greyhound racing should be banned. This is another speciesist campaign.
Greyhound racing = Bad.
Horse racing (and retirement fund) = Good.

Ditch Dairy.
This was simply about promoting the ‘ditch dairy’ brand. See comments about Highchester above.

None of these campaigns mention anything about “speciesism”, “animal rights”, or “veganism”.

What this means is that the organisation is telling you it is one thing. In an attempt to get your financial support or to become a volunteer. Then goes out and does the complete opposite what they said they were.

Doesn’t seem right does it?

The Response

Did the leader’s of Animal Liberation Queensland admit their own short comings?

No they didn’t.

Did they admit that they don’t have the ability to make the organisation into what they said it is?

No they didn’t.

Instead they did what is becoming the ‘norm’ for this ‘community’. They attacked the person who wants them to do right by the organisation they are part of.

How did they do that?

Well Amanda Holly created the meme you see at the top of this article. (ACNC lists Ms Holly as a director of Animal Liberation Queensland).

Screenshot below is of her saying she created it.

Later when a profile with the name “Lucy Ryan” posted it, Ms Holly ‘liked’ it again. And this time she was joined by the President of Animal Liberation Queensland, Chay Neal.

I would have loved to have actually embedded the image below, so you could see for yourself. Sadly I cannot as ‘Lucy Ryan” has removed it from public view, so the below screenshot will have to do.

Exemplifies Typical Behaviour

Let me make this perfectly clear, I am not complaining about the meme itself.

What I am drawing attention to is who created it, and who liked it.

Sadly this behaviour exemplifies what is to be expected if you challenge the status quo.

Or refuse to worship one of the vegan ‘celebrities’.

Or accept what a self-appointed leader tells you is gospel.

Do any of the above and you will be mocked, ridiculed, abused, harassed, and threatened.

Not really the actions you would expect from an allegedly compassionate ‘community’.

Can The Movement Save Itself?

Before we answer that question, we need to ask ourselves what sort of ‘movement’ it is. Is if a genuine animal rights movement, or is it simply an animal ‘welfare’ movement masquerading as an “animal rights” movement?

Then we can decide if it is worth ‘saving’ in the first place.

As harassment and intimidation appear to be ingrained within the ‘community’ in Qld, the answer is probably not.

If it were to be worth saving, there would need to be a drastic purge of those who have made it the toxic place that it is now.

The next thing these ‘leaders’ would need to do is spend the next 6 or 12 months doing nothing else other than reading about the issues that have an impact on other animals.

This movement, the animal rights movement, needs leaders who aren’t afraid to go against the status quo.

This movement needs ‘leaders’ who understand why bigger cages isn’t an ‘animal rights’ issue.

This movement needs leaders who are willing to admit when they are wrong, and seek help when needed.

This movement needs ‘leaders’ who understand that animal rights is a social justice matter, not a social acceptance one where he or she with the most ‘likes’ wins.

You know what?

It isn’t only the movement that needs these things. It is the animal who do too.

By the creation of the meme, and participation in the events listed about, both Chay and Amanda have shown that they are not the ‘leaders’ that the animals or Animal Liberation Queensland need.

So they should do the honourable thing and step down from their position. Lest that group move further away from what it claims to be.

Time to make this movement a genuine animal rights movement.

Time to make veganism great again.

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