Another Stunt That Does NOTHING For “The Animals”

Today, the biggest animal rights direct action the world has ever seen took place in a few locations around Australia.

As to be expected, the mainstream media is sensationalising this and making it into something that it isn’t.

Though what is even more concerning is the number of people who took part in this pointless stunt.

This Was NOT An “Animal Rights” Protest

Despite what the mainstream media and participants are saying, this wasn’t, by any stretch of the term, an “animal rights” protest.

It was all about how those in the facilities are treated.

That makes it an ANIMAL WELFARE protest.

What makes it more interesting is that the Facebook page of the CONSUMER AWARENESS movie Dominion, is keep up their CONSUMER AWARENESS angle.

Even Animal Justice Party Queensland’s Macpherson candidate Renee Stewart jumped on the ANIMAL WELFARE bandwagon.

What Did It Actually Achieve?

In a Brisbane Times article, Brad King has said that the aim of the protest was to demand more transparency from the food industry and state government around how the animals are raised and slaughtered across the country.

This means that it definitely WASN’T anywhere near anything to do with ACTUAL animal rights.

While it is fantastic that three lives were saved during the Queensland one, the question needs to be asked if the price that the movement pays worth it?

Will it encourage more people to go vegan?

I highly doubt it.

In fact, it is likely to stop people saying they are vegan to save being associated with these attention seeking performers.

Will it encourage more transparency?

Well, we all know the answer to that one.

Government’s Response

I must say that the participants in these stunts have succeeded in one thing.

They have motivated the various governments into action.

And, now just like in the United States of America, here in Queensland, any animal related stunt is now going to be dealt with by a specialised Taskforce.

Though I don’t think that the creation of a new on the spot fine will be any deterrent.

As we have seen in the past, all they have to do is create a crowdfunding campaign, and the fines will be paid by the “community”.

Remember the Seaworld protest? Animal Justice Party Queensland candidate for Macpherson asked for community help to pay her fine. Which I believe was successful.

And there is the $20,000ish that was raised for court costs last year when three people got caught because of their ego-based social media posts.

That being said, I can see that the penalties will get worse.

Should We Be Supporting Them?

I have seen a number of people tell us that we have to support the participants of today’s protests.

I don’t think we should.

In fact, I think we all need to stand up and condemn ALL of these stunts, and those who organised and participated in them.

There is nothing heroic or admirable about doing something that will set veganism back 10 years.

Nor, is there anything brave about going en masse to disrupt people’s day.

Remember, this movement will only survive and grow by bringing more people into it.

And that won’t happen if they have been pissed off because of some ego-based stunt.

Let our aim be a way of life not diametrically opposed to, but better than that of the mob. Otherwise, we shall repel and alienate the very people whose reform we desire; we shall make them, moreover, reluctant to imitate us in anything for fear they have to imitate us in everything

~ Seneca (Letters from a Stoic)

The really sad part about all of this is that in 10 years time when these “protestors” have faded away into obscurity, the rest of us will still be here trying to repair the damage that they did.

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