When Is An Apology, Not An Apology?

Have the AJP and Mark Pearson failed the animals already?
Mark Pearson, will consuming a dog be his next “error of judgement’?. Source: Facebook

Let’s cut right to the chase here. If this post is going to be a TL:DR, then this is what you should take away from it.

Mark Pearson should resign from the AJP and parliament immediately.

For those kept reading, let me ask you this.

If there was a person who has for many years championed ’cause X’. So much so that those who are involved in ‘X’ dread to see this person walking towards them.

This person is held up as one of the few people who is seeking justice for “X”.

Now what would you say if this same person was alleged to have participated in “X”?

Would you condemn that person?

Or would the faithful get out and defend that person? Saying things like, “Look at all they have done over the years”.

While many will assume that I am talking about Mark Pearson here, they would be wrong. I am referring to Ben McCormack.

A Clayton’s Apology

Not long after the scandal broke, Mark Pearson issued a Clayton’s apology for his “error of judgement”.

Has anyone noticed that in the 295 word ‘statement’, he never actually said “I’m sorry”?

It was “I apologise”, then waffle about how good he is, etc.

Yet he is still misleading and quite possibly lying to AJP supporters.

Though on the positive side, he did finally use the word vegan in something. Sadly, it was only to suck to people.

“An” or Multiple Errors of Judgement?

Do As I Say. Not As I Do

Mr Pearson claims that he made an error of judgement with his eating habits.

Except if you read things over the past few months, it seems to be multiple errors.

In the 23 Feb 2017 article on the site “The Australian Vegan Mag”, Mr Pearson states that he is “almost vegan”. Though as far back as May 2015, he was talking about consuming eggs and being vegetarian.

So this makes it many “lapses of judgement”, not one.

Which in turn begs the question, why are people defending him?

Why He Should Resign

Mr Pearson was elected into parliament on an alleged platform of “justice” for other animals.

If this is true, how can he be an advocate for “justice” when he is complicit in the injustice they receive?

Even if we are to overlook these “slips” for a minute, the language that he uses isn’t fitting for someone who claims to be an “animal rights campaigner”.

For those who came in late, I am talking about him referring to the fish that he ate as an “it”.

We had also better not forget that he doesn’t really understand what “animals rights” are. I am sure that he is of the mistaken belief that anything to do with animals, is “animal rights”.

Here’s the deal.

By consuming that ‘morsel’, Mark Pearson hasn’t only betrayed those who believe in him. He has betrayed in the most serious way, whose he claims to be seeking justice for.

Why Defend A Vegetarian?

This is the bit that confuses me the most.

Why are there vegans still defending this person’s actions?

Is Mark Pearson really that irreplaceable that we MUST over look these “slip ups”?

Or are “we” that desperate for a leader that we will take anyone?

There will be no shame to the Animal Justice Party if Mark Pearson resigns.

In fact, by doing that, he might actually improve the perception and integrity of the Party.

Would we be as forgiving of Mr Pearson if he admitted that he abused his partner?

I would say no.

So, why do we do it when his actions have taken the lives of an unknown number of animals?

Let me make this perfectly clear, every day that Mark Pearson stays in $200K+ job he makes it obvious that is all that matters.


Maybe Reggie was right.

The only “apology” I have seen this week that has been more fake was that from United Airlines.

Mark Pearson has never been “committed to veganism”.

If he was he would have stated that long before being caught eating someone.

If Mark Pearson is genuinely sorry, why doesn’t he say so?

The very least he could have done was make a short YouTube clip saying so.

Instead, he thumbed his nose at us, and the animals again by writing a ‘statement’. A ‘statement’ where more words were dedicated to talking about him, rather than those he betrayed.

Surely the animals deserve better!

What are your thoughts?