Aussie Farms Lost Their “Charity” Status. What Does It Mean For “The Animals”?

Unless you were somewhere that didn’t have the internet the past week, you are bound to have heard the news that the group “Aussie Farms inc” lost their “charity” status with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).

What does this really mean, and what impact will it have for *the animals”?

What Is “Charity Status” Anyway?

For those who came in late, when a not-for-profit organisation has charity status, it means they are given certain exemptions from the Australian Tax Office.

Organisations registered with the ACNC are able to apply for an exemption to things like income tax, fringe benefit tax, deductible gift register, GST concessions, and so on.

In the case of Aussie Farms inc. they were granted an income tax exemption.

Which has now been revoked.

Why Was It Revoked?

Despite what the media says, the reasons for Aussie Farms inc’s charity status being revoked remain confidential.

For all we know, it could have been revoked because the actions of the organisation aren’t inline with their charitable purpose.

For example, in every document that Chris and Aussie Farms submit to government, they claim they are an animal rights organisation.

Yet, their stated and approved charitable purpose is the “preventing or relieving the suffering of animals”.

And, don’t expect Chris Delforce to tell us why it was revoked either.

Aussie Farms inc’s actual charitable purpose.
Source: Facebook

What Does It All Mean?

When everything is said and done, losing charity status doesn’t really mean anything.

From now on, they will have to report their income, and pay tax on any profit.

Though in terms of transparency and accountability, having their charity status revoked is likely to be a blessing in disguise for Chris.

Now he can run the organisation any way he wants to.

There is no accountability or transparency for how the money raised is spent.

He doesn’t have to play nice (not that he ever did), and is free to continue misleading everyone about what Aussie Farms inc actually does.

Will It Hurt “The Animals”?

Well considering that there wasn’t anything that Aussie Farms did that actually helped, “the animals”, losing charity status is unlikely to have any negative impact on them.

Remember, Chris and Aussie Farms have NEVER campaigned for other animals to have their rights acknowledged and respected.

All he has ever done is wanted the consumer to know how the item they are about to consume was produced.

Considering the damage that he has done to the actual animal rights movement, and veganism in general, maybe having their charity status revoked is actually a good thing “for the animals”…

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