Cell Grown Meat. Should Vegans Be Supporting It?

Cell Grown Meat. Should Vegans Be Supporting It?
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What are your thoughts on cell grown meat?

Is it something that we vegans should be embracing or even applauding?

Will it make life better for the animals?

Will it satisfy any ethical or moral dilemmas you have?

Or is it nothing more than another way to exploit animals?

Meat Of The Future

Everywhere you look these days, someone is telling us that cell grown or lab grown meat is the meat of the future.

We are told that because this ‘meat’ is grown in a lab and not a paddock, that everyone benefits.

The planet because there won’t be as much land used.

The consumer, because it will be cheaper.

One day.

And, the animals – because they won’t have to be killed.

What concerns me the most about cell grown meat is that the loudest supporters of it are on this side of the fence.

The vegans who are supposed to be against animal use and exploitation.

Unasked Questions

Rather than saying how great this product is and will be, we should be asking questions.

  • Why, when there are plenty of suitable plant based alternatives on the market, why do we need cell grown meat?
  • Isn’t there a better use for the ‘research’ funds?
  • Regardless of how much you spin it, you are still eating a product that came from an animal. Only this time, the animal didn’t die.
    If there is a difference, how long til we are able to eat human flesh hamburgers?
  • With all the concern about GM products, why would you want to eat something 100% grown in a lab?

Do The Animals Really Benefit?

One thing that test-tube meat won’t change is the way that we view other animals.

They will still be thought of as property or a resource to be exploited.

Animals will still be used – the stem cells need to come from somewhere.

All this product is doing is taking a few of the moral or ethical questions out of the concerns of eating animal flesh.

What are your thoughts?

Are we being the Vegan Police, and purists, if we don’t embrace cell grown meat as a way of the future??

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What are your thoughts?