Lasagne, Veggie Burgers, and Other Gotcha’s

Jerry sums it all up

At some point during your time as a vegan you will be given a test your level of vegan-ness.

Choosing option A leads you to consuming animal products. Option B reinforces some social stereotype / causes your death / leads to Trump becoming president

The test is a hypothetical, and was once presented by those who aren’t vegan.

These days they are thought experiments and presented by those who claim to be vegan.

The most frequent of these appears to be the self described vegan strategist.

Aim Of Thought Experiments

Usually, the aim of the test is to get the individual to consider the wider consequences of a chosen action.

The sole purpose of The Strategist’s thought experiments is to catch the vegan in a “gotcha”.

A damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.

The A Yummy Veggieburger Or A Dreadful Vegan Burger ‘experiment’, is a perfect example.

The Reader’s Digest version is.
You are out on the town with your friend, who is male. It is late at night, and you are both hungry. The ONLY place in town that is open only serves two options. A bland vegan suitable burger or a yummy version that is not suitable for vegans. Your friend is willing to humour you and eat the vegan suitable option.

Which one do you choose?

Lack Of Substantive Engagement

Like other self-proclaimed thought leaders of this movement, The Strategist, will not discuss things.

He has deletes and removes comments from facebook, and gets others to argue for him.

Running back to his site where he chooses which comments to publish and respond to.

These are not the actions of a thought leader or even someone whose aim is to progress veganism.

Cherry Picking Arguments

Like all good self-proclaimed thought leaders, The Strategist, writes follow-up pieces.

On veggie burgers and thought experiments, is just that.

Cherry picked comments become proof that those who disagree with him don’t understand him.

You are not allowed to point out things like.

  • A person humouring you, isn’t actually a friend.
  • That taste is personal
  • There aren’t any places where only one eatery is open.
  • Or one that only has two dishes
  • Or that not eating either is an option.

Options Based On Ego, Not Justice

Contemplating earlier thought experiments by The Strategist, there is a common thread among them.

The ego based option is the only ‘right’ one.

If you consider your own beliefs, or the rights of others you are being dogmatic or a purist.

This in turn creates a conflict with your ‘friend’ and turns them away from veganism.


Now, you tell me, do they sound like something that a “vegan strategist” would present?


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