06: Dominion Parade, Vystopia, Movement Snatchers, and more

I’m back again for another episode of the vegan police podcast.

The show opens with a few comments on what I have been doing, and two projects I am working on.

The first being the Vegan Police Gazette, and the second, a book that I am writing.

As promised, the code to get a 1 month trial of the Gazette for $1.00 is “podcast”. After the month is up, the regular price will be $9.00.

Details on the book will be released later.

First cab off the rank for this episode is my thoughts on the parade for the movie Dominion, and why it wasn’t an “animal rights” march.

Next I share my thoughts on Vystopia, and why it could be self inflicted rather than a result of living in a not yet vegan world.

Instead, I believe we should learn more about the Stockdale Paradox. (here is a link to a Huff post piece about it.)

Then it is a short discussion on movement snatchers, and why they should be avoided.

I share my thoughts on the crowd funding campaigns for legal fees.

I wrap the podcast up with a my thoughts on why you shouldn’t be shamed into doing a particular type of activism.

A large number of coffees were consumed during the creation of this podcast
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