The Folly Of The Baby Steps Approach.

Don't Take Baby Steps - Vegan Police
Photo Credit: Scott SM via Compfight cc

There is a claim among animal protection organisations that we can’t ask people go vegan.

You know what?

I am here to say that you can and you should be telling people to go vegan.

And doing it every time you talk to them about who they eat and wear.

Here’s why.

Not Doing So Is Speciesist

Don’t get hoodwinked into believing that not telling people to go vegan isn’t speciesist.

Because that is exactly what it is.

You are choosing the ‘comfort’ of the person you are talking to, over the life of a calf. When you tell them that consuming dairy is ok.

You are choosing the life of cow over the life of hens. When you tell that that they can take their time to stop consuming eggs after no longer consuming meat.

You are choosing the life of a cow or hen over the lives of fish if you think that wine is a grey area.

The examples above are exactly what speciesism is.

Choosing one species over another.

You Aren’t Expecting Too Much

The funny thing about people is that more often than not, they live up or down to what you expect them to do.

If you tell someone to go vegan, and leave it at that, of course you are asking too much.

Whereas if you present the case for going vegan to them, and offer them support, you may see a different result.

What it boils down to is how you deliver the message.

And, how much you believe in what you are selling.

Baby Steps Is A Con

The only time we get told to take baby steps is when someone is profiting from it.

You won’t hear the police telling us that if we are going to speed, if we do it one day less a week, it is ok.

They want us to stop speeding all together.

Can you imagine shop owners telling people that they can keep stealing items, so long as they cut back a day a week?

It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it.

Or how about those with an allergy to bee stings/gluten/dairy/etc?

They aren’t told that if they have a bit every now and then that it’s ok. They are told to avoid it all together.

As if their life depends on it.

And in most cases it does.

While it isn’t your life,┬áthe same goes for being vegan.

Every time you tell someone to take baby steps, you are condemning an animal to death.

If they choose to take baby steps, that is their decision.

Should you condemn or get on your soap box about it?

Well that is something for another post.

What are your thoughts?