Gary And Bob Miss The Point. Yet Again

For those who came in late, for the past week or so, two keepers of the faith have been begging for callers to their radio show.

The purpose of the calls was to supposedly set the record straight about non vegan sponsors.

Sadly, neither Bob nor Gary actually understood what all the hoo-hah was about.

These two insolently thought it was about the show being funded by dirty money.

It wasn’t.

It started off being about their behaviour towards others. And how these two believe they are beyond reproach.

Charles Calls In

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Random facebook comment. Sadly, you can’t click to enlarge.

After two weeks or so of begging people to call in, one person did.

Unfortunately, they received the kind of reception myself and others thought they would.

First off, full points to Charles for calling in. It isn’t something that I would have done.

Here these two are, totally dismissing their promotion of animal exploitation.

For SEVEN weeks after they received notification.

Let us remember that these two condemn any organisation that even thinks about getting funding from sources not approved by them.

To add an unnecessary disclaimer, it doesn’t worry me who sponsors them.

It is their double standard that we should be talking about.

All Money Is Dirty

Despite Gary repeating, almost word for word a discussion from AR Zone, all money is dirty.

(Not that Gary would ever credit Carolyn or Tim or Roger for it).

This is because somewhere down the track, the money you hand over will contribute to animal exploitation.

Though as I said, this isn’t about the sponsors. It is about their bevahiour and attitude.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Both Bob and Gary has failed to live up to their own standard.

If any other organisation had have done it, you would be reading about it for months.

Not only that, there would be an unrelenting barrage of ‘questions’ from his supporters.

Yet, all through this they have been quiet, choosing to shoot the messenger(s) instead.

Hiding A Deeper Issue

The truth of the matter is that as the movement grows, it is increasingly being white-washed.

That is, the word of white privileged male(s) is THE only word, and their’s is final.

Yes, pun intended.

We saw this with the Ecorazzi-McGrath fiasco, and it is getting worse.

Yesterday, an image was posted on facebook by an admin of Francione’s page. A person who should have known better.

The image, which isn’t going to be posted here, was deeply offensive to people of colour.

Evicted from Francione’s inner circle, they took to facebook to make a heartfelt apology.

Except they missed the mark.

The first version was 100% dedicated to getting back into Francione’s good books.

When pointed out that the ‘apology’ wasn’t to those who were offended, a token sentence put in.

To be perfectly clear on this, Francione is only against sexism, racism, ableism, etc when it suits his narrative.

Otherwise he is more than willing to use those terms to denigrate anyone who he doesn’t like, or is trying to get the better of.

It is time that a line was drawn in the sand and we collectively said enough is enough to Francione and his band of cyber bullies.

More to come…

What are your thoughts?