Leigh-Chantelle Must Resign From The VVSQ

This clip is a follow on from the one from a few days ago titled “Taking Veganism Back”.

Let’s make it clear, those of us who are vegan cannot allow the term, or the movement to be corrupted by those who are anti-vegan, or using veganism as a vehicle to increase their own popularity.

IF you are a paying member of a group that claims to promote veganism, it is entirely reasonable for you to expect the president of that organisation to understand what veganism is, and to promote it.

Except this isn’t happening in Queensland.

The current president of the Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland appears to be becoming a convert to the “reducetarian” message.

This cannot nor should it be allowed to happen.

This is why, Leigh-Chantelle should step down as president, or denounce the “you can eat fish and dairy and still be vegan” views of Tobias Leenaert.

Pitchforks At The Ready

Now I did expect some backlash when I recorded this clip, so before anyone else joins the posse to tar and feather me, let me make a few things clear.


This clip is about her ability to represent veganism in Queensland.

By promoting and recommending anything by Tobias Leenaert, Leigh-Chantelle is saying that it is acceptable to consume animal products.

But wait.

Didn’t she say that she doesn’t agree with him 100%?

Yes, you are right.

Except, she hasn’t said which parts she disagrees with.

Until that time, Leigh-Chantelle cannot be considered a voice or representative of veganism in Queensland.

Veganism is what we as a community make it.

If we allow those in a position of influence to change what veganism is, we may end up with a movement we don’t want to be part of.

What are your thoughts?