The Vegan Strategist Shows Off His Strategy For Non-Veganism

Could this be the next incarnation of Veganism according to the "vegan strategist"?
Could this be the next incarnation of Veganism according to the “vegan strategist”?

Once again, the “vegan strategist” has shown how little about strategy or veganism he understands.

This time around he is revisiting his plan to label everyone vegan.

Do 2 semi-vegans make 1 vegan?

What Is A Semi-Vegan

To Tobias, someone is able to consume animal products and still call themselves vegan.

It all depends on frequency and intent.

His latest attempt at watering down veganism allows someone to be 50% vegan.

With Tobias thinking veganism is only about who you eat, the reality is they are probably 20% vegan.

As is becoming standard with Tobias, he misses the mark completely.

People go vegan, not because it is something they want to follow something they can opt in and out of.

They go vegan because they no longer want to be part of a system that uses and exploits other animals.

Following His Logic

Let’s follow Tobias’ logic and see where we end up.

Mary is lactose intolerant, and uses soy milk on her weet-bix at breakfast time. She has a soy latte as her prefered coffee drink. When it comes to lunch, Mary chooses salad or some other ‘light’ meal because she is watching her weight.

At dinner time, Mary does what most of Australia does, and sits down to a meal that contains animal products.

Is Mary a vegan?

To most, the answer would be no.

Yet to the “vegan strategist” (formerly known as VeganSapioSexual) the answer is yes. 50% vegan is still vegan.

Will They Have The Same Impact?

Tobais claims that two people achieving 50% vegan status will have the same impact as one vegan.

How far off the mark could he be?

The vegan has an internal ethical or moral reason for going and staying vegan.

The 50%ers don’t.

To them the desire to be 50% vegan would be one of convenience. When it is no longer convenient to be 50% vegan they won’t be.

Would animal ag change their practices due to X number of “almost vegans”?

If the practice means more profit, possibly yes.

Otherwise, it will be a glossy advertising campaign.

Impact Of Semi-Vegans

Who would have a greater impact on getting people to go vegan, a vegan or x number of y%ers?

I can imagine the discussion now.

Peter is talking to Simon

Peter: Hey Simon, you should really try being X% vegan. (As he salivates over the tasty steak burger he is about to eat)

Simon: I thought being vegan meant not eating any animal products at all.

Peter: It used to be. Then the Vegan Strategist came along. He convinced everyone that almost vegan is better than actually being vegan. And here we are.

Simon: What about the animals?

Peter: Well we can care about them at breakfast and lunch time. When it comes to dinner time, it is all about frequency and intent.

Simon: What does that actually mean?

Peter: I have no idea to tell you the truth.

Any time someone asks me about it, I tell them I have to eat animals at dinner time. If I don’t my family will think I am a dogmatic extremist and be turned away from veganism forever. This way, I have been able to get them to go 20% Vegan like me.

That’s a win-win for the animals, right?

Simon: If you say so Peter, you’re the one that is 50% vegan. Not me.

Conversation moves on to other things as Simon and Peter enjoy their steak burgers.

Why Is He Looking For Loopholes?

Honestly, I have no idea. (The image on this article may give you an idea).

Though for someone who has been vegan since 1998, as he claims, this sure is strange behaviour.

Three weeks ago, I was under the impression that he was vegan for animal rights reasons. As he claims in recent article in The Guardian.

Then a few days ago, he comes out saying that rights aren’t his primary concern.

Isn’t it time that the Vegan Strategist, (formerly known as VeganSapioSexual), stopped making excuses and started promoting strategies on how to go vegan?

After all, that is what you are calling yourself.

What are your thoughts?

Is the strategist right, should we be encouraging people to become less-than-vegans?

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