What’s in store for 2019?

Here we are on the first day of 2019.

Over the past few weeks, I have been busy with pencil and paper putting together a plan for 2019.

And, here it is…

Vegan Police Gazette

The Gazette will be relaunched, starting with Edition 00, which is out now.

Like the previous version, every month will feature commentary on a particular part of veganism or animal rights.

There will also be templates for subscribers to use as posts on their own blogs, or guest posts on someone else.

Where they will differ now, is that they will be provided free of charge. If you think they are of value, there will be the opportunity to donate what you feel like.

More Articles

At the minimum, there will be a weekly article on something related to veganism or animal rights.

These articles will supplement the Gazette and are there to help you to improve your advocacy or understanding of animal rights.

On a personal note, as I am undertaking a journey into Stoicism, I am sure that there will be articles relating to it, and how we can use the teachings in our daily lives.

Weekly Podcast

Returning next Monday, the Vegan Police podcast will be a discussion on something that has happened the past week, along with anything else that is worth talking about.

Other Things

The official launch of the Australian Vegan Party will be coming up soon, so expect to see a few more activity there.

I will also be launching a few other websites featuring more information on something vegan related.

Make sure you watch out for them.

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What are your thoughts?