Why I Won’t Be Voting For The Animal Justice Party. And You Shouldn’t Either

It’s election time again in Australia.

Promises and policies are being wheeled out to entice us to put a 1 in their box.

Our social media feeds feature comments from friends saying that we should support this party, and not that one.

For some reason, people seem to assume that because I am vegan, and support rights for other animals, I will be voting for the Animal Justice Party.

I won’t be, and here are my reasons.

The Party Is Built On Deception

People I have spoken to are of the belief that the AJP are a vegan party.

They aren’t.

They also aren’t a political party that will give any type of rights for other animals.

In fact, the party was inspired by the teaching of Peter Singer.

The Reader’s Digest version of this is that they don’t mind animals being used, so long as they are used nicely.

None of the bills that Mark Pearson have presented to the NSW parliament have been to seek justice for other animals.

It should also be noted that animal justice is something that he neglected to mention during his maiden speech.

Donating to the Animal Justice Party will not end animal cruelty. Even if every candidate got elected.

While I am not saying that veganism will end all suffering, it is a good place to start.

Yet, it is the one term the party works hard not to use.

They Latch On To Anything


For Mark to compare his bill to the work that Steven Wise is doing is beyond insulting.

Let us not forget their “personhood” claim.

Come on, if Steven Wise hasn’t been able to get rights for other animals, what hope does the Animal Justice Party have?

Other Things To Consider

In addition to the above, there is also the following.

  • They are a ‘one issue’ party. They have no policy on defence, social security, education, etc.
  • They have an unhealthy obsession with dismantling the RSPCA
  • No costings or estimates are provided for their Independent Office of Animal Welfare
  • Still confused about state/territory and Commonwealth responsibilities
  • Mark Pearson, MLC NSW, lead a parliamentary motion to give a pat on the back to those sheep farmers who don’t use muelsing to control fly strike.

When it comes time to put your numbers in the boxes on election day, please make sure you have done your homework on who you put the number 1 beside.

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23 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Be Voting For The Animal Justice Party. And You Shouldn’t Either”

  1. rspca Vic have now disbanded the special investigation unit.

    rspca Vic have dropped their ‘Close Puppy Factories’ campaign. Hinch and the Justice Party they are a trustworthy party and also they combine animal and people justice.

  2. You haven’t suggested a better alternative. Surely trying to improve animal rights is better than doing nothing? I believe the movement for animal justice would work a lot better if all the animal organisations backed each other, instead of trying to compete and criticise others, nothing is perfect.

    • Remember this article was written in 2016.
      That being said, the “better alternative” is for people to become more knowledgeable about politics, rather than relying on what someone tells them.

      IF, the AJP were actually about “animal rights”, I would support them. Except they aren’t. Nor actually able to be.

      Interesting that you mention “animal justice”, which is different from “animal rights”.

      How can the party be for “animal justice” when we still don’t know if the sitting MP, Mark Pearson, is actually vegan. Remember, he said he is “committed to moving swiftly towards an essentially plant based diet”. “Essentially” is different to “total” or “complete.

      He also said that he is “fully committed to not eating any animal product where sourcing could have involved harm”. (This could mean that backyard eggs are still on the menu for him because they wouldn’t involve “harm”).

  3. Cameron….your comments are lacking truth, understanding, facts and dismal opinions !!!!!!
    Why on earth are you a vegan ?????

    • What is “lacking truth”?
      What have I failed to “understand”?

      And, what “facts” would you like to see?

      Remember, the AJP are the ones who have protected Mark Pearson for all the years he was possibly vegetarian, and even after the sushigate incident.

  4. It’s very easy to criticise, but what are you doing to help animals???
    The AJP is not perfect but we are learning, improving and trying damn hard to stop brutality toward animals.
    Much of your rhetoric is incorrect, harmful, unfair and mean- spirited.

    • Marianne, please let me know what I have written that is incorrect and I will fix it.

      As a the AJP is promoted as being an “animal rights” party, shouldn’t the focus be on protecting the rights of other animals, not stopping “brutality towards animals”?

      If they aren’t an “animal rights” party (which they can’t be if they want dog breeding to continue), then everything they do and say should be fair game and commented on by vegans.

  5. Politics is the art of the possible. There are always divisions among those with radical ideas, which always helps the status quo. I’m very unimpressed by the fact that you’ve said “don’t vote for the Animal justice Party” without suggesting an alternative. Are the major parties so much better? Or are you suggesting the Greens? Or do you have a “purer” suggestion? – in which case, surely AJP would be a be a good second preference, ahead of a major party.

    • I don’t know who was standing in every electorate in Australia.

      I have always said vote independent first, then consider a party after that.

      And by now means am I suggesting that the major parties are any better. What I do want to see is people doing their own due diligence before they put that #1 next to ANY Animal Justice Party candidate.

  6. The Animal Justice Party is the only party in Australian politics dedicated to ending animal cruelty. This post is so confusing! Who are you suggesting as an alternative? As a vegan, your position is just so utterly contradictory. The AJP is the only party to vote for if you are vegan or care about animals. There is no other option in politics. None. Nada. Zilch.

    • How can you say that when Mark Pearson, the AJP MP in NSW isn’t vegan himself, and actually rejects veganism?

      They aren’t “dedicated to ending animal cruelty”.

      If they were, Mark Pearson would have introduced a bill into parliament to end animal experimentation, rather than “rehome” certain animals.

      He would have also introduced a bill to end the use of ANY animal for entertainment, not just “exotic” ones in circuses.

  7. Never knew of the AJP, untill the election on the 24th November,2018,seroiusly not know by many that they exist, only because they started coming up on the voting lists as being substantial, only recently seeing cows horns cut off with bolt cutters did one realize wide spread cruelty exists asaevery dayissue, the cows offer their meat to us, their milk, their calfs, they have the same emotions as humans in many ways such as a nervous system the same as ours.

  8. From what I remember Derryn Hinch exposed a lot of systemic animal cruelty on a regular basis on his current affairs programs, and aired evidence that producing animals for food and other commodities is inhumane. His party has animal welfare policies, but I don’t know if those policies have actually helped animals. If he could demonstrate that is party is acting on those policies, and that it has achieved something significant for animals, I would consider voting for the Hinch Party.

  9. If you are really looking to help Animals you need to do so with a consensus built up with people from all sectors of society, stating that only vegans care for animals is a child like comment with no basis. I for one am not a Vegan, however I have never met anyone that cares about Animals more than I do. I am sure there some amazing advocates for Animals out there, I just have not met any personally.

    Is there any point in putting up policies that will never become law, never enforce change, never challenge societies current norms. We need the Animal Justice Party more than ever, trying to bag them and put them down, pointing to stupid comments about the leader of the Animal Justice Party leader eating fish and as such does not care about Animals is utterly ridiculous. What are you doing to help Animals being a bedroom jockey who is just a Vegan slamming people that actually are at the front line of helping animals and creating real change is very sad. You are hurting Animals by pushing people to vote for parties that will not help Animals at all. You need to take a long hard look at yourself.

    Change can only come from parties like the Animal Justice Party, if you really care about Animals, do something constructive to help them, don’t sit there in your bedroom trying to dismantle and criticize a organisation that is slowly building itself up to be able to actually push social change which ends up being written in law. Yes, everything is stacked up against Animals actually receiving REAL Justice, we who collectively do care about Animals need to drive that change, sitting in your bedroom espousing your own views which are pretty much all negative about how people who are actually doing something is not helpful and is very sad.

    Change is slow, for Animals extremely slow, why not be a part of helping to create change rather than hurting Animals, vote Independent, how is that going to help Animals, that shows you have a child like grasp of politics. How can voting for a ex-Liberal or a ex-Labour politician help Animals, come on. Your literary comments are not made with any sound facts, arguments or information. It sounds more the like ramblings of someone who has some kind of strange grudge to bear. Pathetic, if you want to help the Animals, starting doing something and stop writing garbage like this!!!!

    You remind me of a Western Yoga guru or a Western Buddhist, no real understanding, just in it because its trendy. Forgot the thousands of years or philosophy that underpins it. I have met Vegans who love their Soy milk, can’t give up my Soy Latte, even when you explain to them about the deforestation to the environment and devastation to Animals caused by large scale soy production. If you really want to help the Animals, do something to help them, being a Vegan of course is positive, though it is not going to drive any social change, & it in itself is certainly not going to help the Animals.

  10. I’m for animal rights, but this is typical vegan logic at work. No compromise for improvement or alternatives, just the same whining rhetoric. Waste of an article and misplaced activism.

  11. It seems that Cameron Blewett has his opinions but are they going anywhere? I am vegan, I hate all animal cruelty anywhere it happens. Until Cameron comes up with a party that fights for justice for all animals, the AJP and the Greens are the only alternatives. Any improvement on their miserable lot in life is welcomed. Sure, it does not go far enough but each bit helps. Cameron, perhaps you really Blew it by condemning the AJP.

  12. I would like to see a Political party bring in Legislation to protect captive Pet birds which are enduring the same misery as puppy mills, even longer.

  13. Yes an opinionated “holier than thou” bigot. If you spent as much time doing something constructive about animal welfare as you do wasting your time writing about those who are working hard to make legal changes, wouldn’t that be better for the animals?. I’ve always said, the biggest turn off for people to give up animal products are…….. rabid vegans such as this writer. No, the AJP, of which I am a member, is NOT a vegan party. You don’t have to be a vegan to care deeply about animals and how they are treated, although that lifestyle choice is in the right direction. And the AJP is not a single issue party. Do your homework and study the website.

    • Paul, wow.

      Expressing concern about the lies and deception from a political party makes me a “”holier than thou” bigot”.

      Dude, I think you need to read the dictionary again, or maybe for the first time, to understand what a ‘bigot’ actually is. (Here’s the definition, and link, to help you out).

      Definition of bigot

      : a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices

      Though, as your claim is something that you have “always said”, maybe you are the bigot instead?

      This article was written over 3 years ago, to explain why I wouldn’t be voting for them at the election at the time.


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