Why I Won’t Be Voting For The Animal Justice Party. And You Shouldn’t Either

It’s election time again in Australia.

Promises and policies are being wheeled out to entice us to put a 1 in their box.

Our social media feeds feature comments from friends saying that we should support this party, and not that one.

For some reason, people seem to assume that because I am vegan, and support rights for other animals, I will be voting for the Animal Justice Party.

I won’t be, and here are my reasons.

The Party Is Built On Deception

People I have spoken to are of the belief that the AJP are a vegan party.

They aren’t.

They also aren’t a political party that will give any type of rights for other animals.

In fact, the party was inspired by the teaching of Peter Singer.

The Reader’s Digest version of this is that they don’t mind animals being used, so long as they are used nicely.

None of the bills that Mark Pearson have presented to the NSW parliament have been to seek justice for other animals.

It should also be noted that animal justice is something that he neglected to mention during his maiden speech.

Donating to the Animal Justice Party will not end animal cruelty. Even if every candidate got elected.

While I am not saying that veganism will end all suffering, it is a good place to start.

Yet, it is the one term the party works hard not to use.

They Latch On To Anything


For Mark to compare his bill to the work that Steven Wise is doing is beyond insulting.

Let us not forget their “personhood” claim.

Come on, if Steven Wise hasn’t been able to get rights for other animals, what hope does the Animal Justice Party have?

Other Things To Consider

In addition to the above, there is also the following.

  • They are a ‘one issue’ party. They have no policy on defence, social security, education, etc.
  • They have an unhealthy obsession with dismantling the RSPCA
  • No costings or estimates are provided for their Independent Office of Animal Welfare
  • Still confused about state/territory and Commonwealth responsibilities
  • Mark Pearson, MLC NSW, lead a parliamentary motion to give a pat on the back to those sheep farmers who don’t use muelsing to control fly strike.

When it comes time to put your numbers in the boxes on election day, please make sure you have done your homework on who you put the number 1 beside.

(Image Source: Facebook)