More Animal Justice Party Lies

In less than a week Queenslanders will go to the polls to vote for a new government.

As is always the case with election campaigns, those standing come out with all sorts of rhetoric.

And this one is no different.

Unlike other campaigns, the level of contempt for voters is overwhelming.

Though what really gets to me, is how much of it is coming from the so-called “Animal Justice Party”.

While I have written about their misinformation in the past, and why I wouldn’t be voting for them. I did think that this time around things would be different.

Except it isn’t.

Regardless of what you have been told, the Animal justice Party is lying to you.

They Aren’t Actually A Party

There are NO candidates from the Animal Justice Party running in this election.

The party isn’t registered in the state of Queensland. Until a party is registered, it can’t have candidates running under it’s “brand”.

This means that while you may think you are voting for an Animal Justice Party candidate, you are actually voting for an independent.

What makes this worse is that they have recruited others to help spread this misinformation, such as the Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland.



No Accountability

With the party not being registered in Queensland, there is no accountability for the election of the candidates.

There are no Queensland branch members.

Which means, there is no Queensland committee.

This means that the Animal Justice Party Queensland is run by those in NSW or Victoria.

The same group of people who supported and excused Mark Pearson when he consumed fish early this year.

What this also means is that the candidates you vote for are under no obligation to represent the Animal Justice Party if they are elected into parliament.

What Do They Actually Represent?

While all the candidates claim to be vegan, there are at least two that support vegetarianism and the consumption of other animals.

The candidate for Ferny Grove has been a volunteer for the Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland for a number of years, along with Coast to Coast Animal Friends.

Ferny Grove Candidate (source:

The party’s convenor and candidate for Mermaid Beach is actually a director of Coast to Coast Animal Friends

What’s so bad about Coast To Coast Animal Friends I hear you ask?

They were the ones who, with Animal Liberation Queensland, booted two vegans out from an event for daring to promote veganism.

Coast To Coast is also the group that was founded by someone who was ‘mostly vegetarian’, and was (possibly still is) happy to condemn and harass vegans.

Remember, if you are vegetarian you are still consuming other animals in some way or form.

Hardly something you would expect candidates of a party that claims to be about “justice” to support is it?

When it comes time for you to number the boxes on Saturday, please think very carefully about the number you put beside which candidate.

Remember, those you put a #1 next to could be there for four years…

The Animal Justice Party Queensland were contacted for comments before this article was published, though after repeated emails being ignored, I gave up seeking a comment from them.

I guess that shows you what the party is really like…

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