Podcast Episode 01: Book Review, Supporting Other Activists and more…

The first episode of the vegan police podcast is finally here.

In this episode I talk about:

Tobais Leenaert’s book, “How To Create A Vegan World: A Pragmatic Approach”

Those of us on the ‘rights’ side of the fence need to support and engage with other ‘rights’ activists.

And, that ‘effective activism’ is BS.

Review of Tobias’ book

Vegan/Non-Vegan Relationships

And, something else I thought I would share


3 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 01: Book Review, Supporting Other Activists and more…”

  1. Suggesting people support rights-based advocates, but then dismiss arguably the most prominent animal rights advocate today (Gary Francione) doesn’t make sense. Tom Regan was a pioneer, and Gary Francione’s work is based on his, but extends beyond it. (Even so, it’s ironic that Gary’s insistent about people always citing his work, though he doesn’t do much of this in regard to Tom.)

    • Gary Francione considers his ‘approach’ as a counter movement.

      As I am not considered, nor do I want to be part of that movement, I did not include him.

      • The point of your podcast was to support rights advocates. So what you appear to mean is something like, “support rights advocates that aren’t Gary Francione and anyone else i consider unworthy.”

        What movement are you talking about? The ‘animal movement’? Because as you suggest, it’s not the AR movement—except maybe by name.


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