Are Animal Activists A Law Unto Themselves?

Being based in Queensland, Australia, I thought that it was only the animal activists in this state who believe they are a law unto themselves. With a recent YouTube clip making the rounds, I am starting to think that this level of arrogance is Australia wide.

On Saturday 07 September 2013, animal activists from The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses and the South Australia branch of the Animal Liberation franchise were allegedly conducting a peaceful protest at the Morphettville Racetrack.

These two groups claim that it was a peaceful protest and that the two ‘activists’ that were arrested ‘did nothing wrong’. Yet if you watch the clip objectively, you can clearly see that this is not the case.

First of all, I would like to know is how they can define someone walking around with a megaphone chanting stuff as a peaceful protest? And then at 1:30 in the clip, one of the protestors can be seen jumping over a fence on a ramp to prevent a Department of Transport official from doing his job of removing the banners and flags that the two groups had placed there.

According to the youtube clip, Ward Young was arrested and charged with resisting arrest, disorderly behaviour, and refusal to provide name and address, with Sally Sutton, Animal justice Party candidate and Animal Liberation President, being charged with assault.

In all honesty, having watched the clip a number of times, I am surprised that more of these so called animal activists weren’t arrested, turning into a public relations nightmare for the groups involved.

Looking at the footage that has been provided, the protest took place between a railway line and the entrance to the racecourse. As such, I am sure there is legislation relating to the behaviour of people in these areas, and the things that can and cannot be done.

For example, I am pretty sure that people are not allowed or permitted to hang banners or posters on private property, regardless of whether that property belongs to a government department or race course. Whilst it may be possible for a person to not be compelled to give their name and address to the police if they are walking down the street, I am pretty sure that this doesn’t apply if the person is in a railway or on licensed premises. Hence the reason that Mr Young allegedly has that charge against him.

Whilst the ‘faithful’ are adding their comments to the Facebook posts of this clip commending the behaviour and condemning the behaviour of the police, I am yet to see anyone ask the question of how this ‘protest’ improved the plight of other animals, or caused race attendees to think about the use of animals for entertainment.

How much longer will other animal advocates stand back and watch these organisations do what they want whilst claiming to be advocating for other animals?

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