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Talking Politics, and Are You Doing Activism Wrong?

Coming back after a bit of a break, in this episode of the Vegan Police Podcast, I talk about politics. Specifically, the deliberate misinformation being spread by the Animal Justice Party in the lead up to the NSW general election.

After that, I talk about activism and suggest that the “popular” forms of activism on social media may be the wrong ones.

Links mentioned:

Vomad Survey: Why People Go Vegan: 2019 Global Survey Results

Introduction to Stoicism

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First Episode For 2019

This is the first episode of the Vegan Police podcast for 2019.

In it, I talk about the Australian Vegan Party, and why I started it.

Share my thoughts on the schemozzle that was the protest at the Children’s Hospital here in Queensland.

I also have a bit of a rant about the “non-human animals first” reformists who are only in this for themselves and are corrupting this movement.

Most of the time I am on my soapbox.

You have been warned.