Million Dollar Vegan Campaign Sinks To A New Low

Once again the organisation “Million Dollar Vegan” has launched a campaign to bribe someone into trying veganism for a month.

Last time, it was Pope Francis.

Now it is…

Wait for it…

Donald Trump (President of the United States of America).

Yes, you did read that right.

They are attempting to bribe POTUS into going vegan for the month of January.

And, it gets worse from there.

Just A Pointless Stunt

The whole idea behind these challenges is that they essentially date someone, who is unlikely to “go vegan” to “try” it for a month.

Despite their claim of wanting to give the money away, they usually pick people who have little chance of accepting their “challenge”.

With the chances of the “challenge” accepting the challenge, the question does need to be asked why they were chosen in the first place.

Call me cynical, I am starting to think that they choose these impossible people because it is an easy way for them to get donations, while not actually having to shell out the Million.

Which essentially makes it easy money.


As mentioned earlier, the target for the first campaign was Pope Francis, who was challenged to go vegan for lent.

So, why did they choose the President of the United States?

Could it be that they are subscribing to the belief that any publicity is god publicity?

Or are they simply looking to improve brand recognition?

Either way, with how much media attention is focused on the President these days, they are virtually guaranteed a tsunami of web traffic and donations.

Neither of which is good for veganism or “the animals”.

Exploiting Veterans Plight

Not satisfied with exploiting the plight of other animals for their own gain, the team at Million Dollar Vegan made it their mission to sink lower.

They took took a huge leap into the chasm of exploitation, and came up with the ideal group to tie their pointless challenge to.

Military veterans.

They’ll attempt to bribe the President of the United States into “going vegan” for a month, with the lure of a million dollar carrot for veterans.

Politicising the plight of veterans for some pointless “challenge” isn’t going to win the movement any friends.

In fact, it is likely to reaffirm the belief that many not yet vegans have, of vegans only being concerned about “the animals”.

(The budget for the Dept of Veteran Affairs is $217 Billion for the 2019 fiscal year. Yet somehow a million dollar bribe is supposed to make POTUS sit up and take notice).

Exploiting Kids. Again.

Once again the out of touch with reality team at Vegan Campaigns Limited are using children as a the face of the campaign.

Last time they used 12 year old Genesis Butler.

And, keeping with the theme of seeing how low they can go, this time around, they have decided to use a 9 year old.

Will They Do Things Differently Next Year?

While many of us hope that next year, they do something different, I an honestly say that I won’t be holding my breath for it.

Especially when you consider the comment from Million Dollar Vegan CEO, Matthew Glover, to critics of the campaign that targeted the Pope.

image sources: Facebook

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