The Vegan Strategist Shows Off His Strategy For Non-Veganism

Could this be the next incarnation of Veganism according to the "vegan strategist"?

Could this be the next incarnation of Veganism according to the “vegan strategist”?

Once again, the “vegan strategist” has shown how little about strategy or veganism he understands.

This time around he is revisiting his plan to label everyone vegan.

Do 2 semi-vegans make 1 vegan?

What Is A Semi-Vegan

To Tobias, someone is able to consume animal products and still call themselves vegan.

It all depends on frequency and intent. (more…)

Why I Won’t Be Voting For The Animal Justice Party. And You Shouldn’t Either

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

It’s election time again in Australia.

Promises and policies are being wheeled out to entice us to put a 1 in their box.

Our social media feeds feature comments from friends saying that we should support this party, and not that one.

For some reason, people seem to assume that because I am vegan, and support rights for other animals, I will be voting for the Animal Justice Party.

I won’t be, and here are my reasons.

The Party Is Built On Deception

People I have spoken to are of the belief that the AJP are a vegan party.

They aren’t. (more…)

The SSAA Is Partially Right

Once again Animals Australia and the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia at loggerheads.

This time it is over Animals Australia’s use of sports people in their latest campaign.

As is usually the case when preaching to the converted, the truth gets distorted.

Duck Shooting ISN’T A Sport

While the SSAA don’t defend duck shooting by claiming it is a sport, after saying previously that it wasn’t. (more…)

Fit, Macho, Sexy: The Redefinition of Vegan

Photo Credit: cizauskas via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: cizauskas via Compfight cc

The redefining of veganism is gaining momentum. Mainstream media is latching onto faux-vegans to push their particular agenda.

Lately it seems to be that veganism is a diet.

The current flavour of the month seems to beĀ Matt and Phil Letten (vegan bros), and Tobias Leenart (Vegan Strategist).

The Guardian, in their recent article, claim that this new batch of vegans are reinventing it.

The reality of things is that they are redefining what veganism is. (more…)