How To Outreach, The Easy Way

Doing outreach is promoted as one of the most effective ways to “convert” people to veganism.

More often than not, this outreach takes the form of some sort of physical activity. Usually in a fixed location showing they can be either deliberately gruesome footage to entice people to having a “conversation” or brochures and leaflets displayed in a market stall or similar.

Unfortunately both of these options are labour intensive, and depending on your circumstances, there may be financial restrictions too.

An Easier Way

Thankfully, there is an easier way to do outreach.

One that isn’t labour intensive, or require a high financial outlay to start.

And, that is blogging.

With blogging, depending on the service you use, all you really need to start is a computer an an idea.

With blogging, you don’t need to get dressed, drive anywhere, and then stand around for hours.

You can write and publish a blog post from your smart phone, a tablet, or computer.

There is even the ability to publish a blog post from an email.

Easy To Set Up

With the traditional forms of “outreach”, you would most likely need to buy the following:

  • TV screens
  • Generator (for power)
  • Laptops
  • Shelter (if weather is an issue)
  • A uniform
  • Vehicle to transport the above
  • and maybe more

If you are tabling, you would need to purchase the following:

  • A gazebo or some other form of shelter
  • You would obviously need the table
  • Print out brochures and leaflets for the table
  • Vehicle to transport the above
  • Market stall fees
  • and maybe more

Whereas with a blog, if you want to start out not buying anything, you can do that with an account on,,, or even

There are heaps of places you can find public domain images that you are free to use in your posts.

All you really need is an idea of what to write.

Easy To Promote

Unlike a face to face outreach event, promoting your blog is substantially easier.

Once you have decided on a platform and name, promoting it is easy.

Unlike other forms of outreach, blogging isn’t location dependant.

You can include your blog address (url) in your email signature file.

Print it on business cards.

You could even have it printed on t-shirts, etc.

Continue Engagement

When you are doing traditional face to face outreach, once the person walks away, the conversation ends.

Unless they are motivated to seek you out the next time you are both in the same place at the same time.

Whereas with a blog, you can keep the conversation going.

This can be done with regular blog posts, an email newsletter, podcast, or combination of them.

With blog posts you can write something today, and keep referring people to that post, time and time again.

Something you can’t do with location dependant outreach.

So, what’s stopping you from starting a blog?

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