Brisbane’s MX Thur 17 Feb 2011

Here are a few interesting pieces from today’s Brisbane MX newspaper.

Farmer Fallout
Queensland’s shadow Primary Industries Minister, Ray Hopper seems to think that we will soon be drinking long life milk if the pricing war between Coles and Woolworths continues, as he says that milk is being sold at below cost.
I still believe that this stunt is being used as a precursor to either have the Australian market flooded with cheap imports, or the creation of super dairies housing X,000’s of cows.
The interesting thing is that Mr Hopper says that a similar tactic was used in Britain where dairy farmers got burnt.
There was a recent article in the UK’s Daily Telegraph reporting on the withdrawal of plans for the UK’s largest dairy farm the original plan was to keep 8,100 cows on the site at Nocton Heath. Though these were withdrawn and resubmitted with the planned lower number of 3,770 cows.

The farmers said their “sole” reason for the decision to withdraw their application was the objection by the Environment Agency to the proposal on the grounds that there was a lack of information about the risks to an aquifer under the site and uncertainty over the benefits of changing the use of the land.

Sadly, I do think that we will see plans for another super dairy, possibly in a different area. It will also be interesting to see what happens here in Australia.

Flood Events
A study published in the current edition of the scientific journal Nature, claims that the increase in greenhouse gas emissions contributed to the intensification of heavy precipitation events.
You can read an extract of the original article here.

Tattooed pigs
Is an interesting piece about a Belgian artist that is tattooing pigs on an Art Farm in China. The piece even comes complete with pictures of the tattooed pigs.
I am not sure if it is a typical News Ltd thing to do or not, though it appears that this news story is in fact well over 6 years old. This ‘artist’ started tattooing pigs in China in 2004, and the picture used was in fact from 2005 and can be found on his site
I will do my best to contact Queensland Newspapers to see if it is a rehash of an old story.

A nice warm and fuzzy piece about dog breeder that has saved one of his puppies from drowning.  According to The Daily Mail‘s piece the breeder gave the puppy CPR after the alarm was raised by the noise that was made by some chickens that he also kept in his backyard.

Magic Trick
A Chinese magician who managed to get goldfish to swim in perfect sync has been accused of implanting magnets in the fish to pull off the illusion.
The magician has refused to reveal his secret, though an encore performance has been cancelled.
The youtube clip can be found on the AFP/Google page

Nice One.
Figures relating to the sperm count of primates. Umm, why do we need to know this and how many were mutilated to get these results?

Gloss and Glam
Sadly it would appear that fur is making a comeback. Pictured are: Niki Taylor, Olivia Palermo, Debra Messing and Anna Wintour.

What are your thoughts?