Hypothetical Survival Scenario

Over the past few weeks I have got a few emails from some readers of this blog asking whether I am going to continue with the survival posts that I started a few weeks back.

Originally I wasn’t going to though after a few coffees and some Sci-Fi talk with some friends a few days ago, I have decided to continue, and base the survival scenario on what was discussed over the soy lattes.

The scenario will be that Planet Earth has been invaded by extra terrestrial beings, with future posts revolving around the preperation for it, and what to do after the invasion has begun.

These posts aren’t going to go into any sort of guerilla campaigns like in Falling Skies, or anything like that. It is just from a pure survival position.

Now before you think that I have flipped my lids and gone bonkers because I am talking about an invasion from outerspace, please remember that it is just a hypothetical scenario. And it is one that has been suggested to be by a few readers of this blog.

Anyway, those who know me or have spent any time talking to me, and this includes a few people at one of the coffee shops that I go to, know that I am more worried about the coming Zombie Apocalypse than I am about a possible invasion from outer space.

What are your thoughts?