Lately things have changed…

I recently went to the US to attend an animal rights conference in LA.

To attend something like that and be in the same place with literally hundreds of other people that are on the same page as you are is something that really has to be experienced. It was also totally mind blowing to hear the word vegan used in everyday language, without the huge explanation of what a vegan is following it.

Then to come back home to Australia and Brisbane, the wind was well and truly sucked out of my sails.

I found out that the local vegan society seems to have “forgotten” about World Vegan Day. This totally floored me. What better way is there to show the rest of society that veganism isn’t something to be shunned, or only the domain of those living on the fringe. After all, what do we pay our fees to the Society for? If it isn’t to get the word out about veganism, then what?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not pointing my finger at any one person. Each and every single member of that Society is to blame, and yes, I am one of them too.

Coming home after my trip to the US, has shown me how far behind Australia is in everything AR related. Most of us are vegan for the animals and they way that they are treated. If this is the case, then the time has passed for us to sit on our collective asses and take the softly softly approach.

I took part in a circus protest where at least 15 people were willing to stand out in the heat in the high 30’s with only a few days notice. Can the same thing be said for those of us out here in Australia or even Brisbane?

Now I am not saying that we need to be like the United States. What I am saying is that when it comes to Animal Rights, we are playing a losing game of catch up.

We are the ones that are allowing the main body that investigates animal cruelty cases, the RSPCA, to freak out when the word vegan is thrown around. And remain silent when they don’t serve vegan options at their fund raising dinners.

I still love this country, and am not ashamed to be called an Australian. I just believe that the “She’ll be right” attitude that we have developed lately is not going to do us as vegans, or the animals that are abused and tortured daily, any good.

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