There’s Bird Flu, Horse Flu, Pig Flu…..

All over the world we are seeing news reports about this the different sorts of animal flu that is gripping differents part of the globe.

Japan is in the midst of a horse flu pandemic which has quaranteed the region. Supposedly there is a chance that this may effect the spring racing carnival in Victoria.

There are reports that China is covering up an outbreak of pig flu.

And as we all know, most of Asia is struggling to come to grips with the effect that bird flu is having on the region.

How many more hints are needed before governments and industry realise that it is due to the intense farming practices that is the cause of these outbreaks. There is no animal on this planet that is able to stand up to these commercial farming methods.

These animals are kept in appalling conditions, with an unnatural number of them kept in close confines to each other. Environments like this are ideal situations for the spread of any communicable disease.

What makes this even more shocking, is that these outbreaks will attack everyone regardless. It doesn’t matter if you are healthy and look after yourself, you are a target, and could fall victim.

Once again, the whole world has to pay for those that have decided to consume animal products. The amount of land that is cleared for livestock production is increasing all the time. There are all the trees that are lost due to the land being cleared, there is more land cleared for production of food for these animals. I could keep going about the additional problems caused by farming, though it is beyond the scope of this post.

Is there ever going to be a point where consumers finally say enough is enough, the added risk is just not worth it?

1 thought on “There’s Bird Flu, Horse Flu, Pig Flu…..”

  1. Nature is amazing isn’t it. If a species overpopulates there are things that happen, such as diseases, to put the population back to its correct levels.
    Much like what is happening with humans. Except we keep trying to defeat it.

    Then there are the farmers who kill cane toads in Queensland. They are trying to win a losing battle. The more toads they kill, the more the toads breed. It’s just nature at work again.

    Nature has a set of scales and there is balance in everything. For some reason humans like to hold up the heavy end of the scales artificially with a piece of string, desperately trying to keep its balance even. The piece of string can only hold up so much weight until it breaks. We are already seeing many weak spots in that piece of string. The day will come when it finally breaks unless we start making significant changes.


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