About The Race That Stops A Nation.

Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses protester at the Melbourne Cup
Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses protester at the Melbourne Cup.
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Yesterday saw the running of the 153rd Melbourne Cup.

A day that was attended by approx 104,000 people, and possibly watched by over 6 million Australians.

It was also the day that saw a horse killed, Verema – due to a broken leg, and two others injured, Black Panther and Green Moon.

It was unfortunate in the lead up to the cup, to see so-called vegan, animal rights groups promoting their Say Nup To The Cup event because of the ‘wastage’ of the horse racing industry. Implying that this should be the only reason why animal lovers shouldn’t attend this event. It is also worth noting that it is estimated approx 50,000 chicken sandwiches and 14,000 meat pies will be consumed on the day.

Unfortunately for those animals that aren’t horses, these sorts of campaigns do nothing to draw attention to the speciesist attitudes that western society has towards other animals, and in fact, they actually do reinforce them.

Yes, it is unfortunate that 18,000 former racing horses are killed every year Australia wide, yet over 1 million chickens are killed every week in one processing plant in Brisbane. Which one is a bigger injustice towards other animals?

If you listen to the campaign from the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses, they seem to believe that if the racing industry diverts just 1% of their revenue towards a ‘retirement plan’ for horses, that the industry will become ‘acceptable’. Unfortunately, this is also a belief that is supported by other vegan/animal rights groups around the country.

How raising awareness of the way that racehorses are treated is going to cause people to stop and think about the use of other animals is beyond me. Especially when you consider that there were possibly tens of thousands consumed during the day that nothing has been said about that.

Isn’t it time that these ‘animal rights’ and ‘vegan’ groups actually started to promote veganism instead of elevating the position of one animal over another with their repeated single issue campaigns? Remember it is only by promoting veganism that people will find out about and go vegan. It won’t happen any other way.

Or maybe these protests aren’t so much about promoting the plight of other animals as they are about promoting the organisations themselves? After all, you do need to take into consideration that this is the same group that was mentioned in the article Are Animal Activists A Law Unto Themselves? after their ‘peaceful protest’ resulted in two arrests.