About The Race That Stops The Nation

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Once again the Race That Stops The Nation,The Melbourne Cup, has been clouded in controversy. This time due to the deaths of two horses, Admire Rakti and Araldo, after the race had been run.

And once again, so-called animal ‘protection’ groups are calling for racing to be banned, and/or people to ‘pledge’ not to bet on racing whilst horses die.

All this is fine and dandy for those groups as it will allow them to build on their 15 mins of fame, and in the case of Animals Australia – increase awareness of their ‘brand’.

Though will it really do anything with regards to the way that humans view other animals?

Sadly, I will have to say no.

To begin with, as long as betting on horses is seen as a way of striking it rich, and horse racing is promoted as the sport of kings it will continue to exist.

Mind you having a look at some of the photos of Flemington racetrack AFTER the event, I believe that it should be renamed the sport of slobs. Sadly, that sort of behaviour isn’t only reserved for racing and is more indicative of our collective lack of respect for pretty much everything.

It is a virtual uphill battle to have other animals given equal consideration when even those who supposedly care for them the most still view them as nothing more than an object. Take the following quote by Mick Moroney, the trainer of Araldo.

Nothing could be done to save the horse after scans showed its pastern had been broken in seven places and resembled a “bag of ice”.

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About The Race That Stops A Nation.

Yesterday saw the running of the 153rd Melbourne Cup. A day that was attended by approx 104,000 people, and possibly watched by over 6 million Australians. It was also the day that saw a horse killed, Verema – due to a broken leg, and two others injured, Black Panther and Green Moon. It was unfortunate in … Read more