Why Highchester ‘Shutdown’ Was A Failure

This article is a follow up piece to the article “Activists Shut Down Slaughterhouse… For Nothing“.

Since that time, I have received all sorts of condemnation and abuse.

Ranging from:

  • I don’t know what I am talking about
  • I am anti-vegan
  • I am a meat industry shill
  • I can’t see the bigger picture

So, I decided that another article, clearing up things up was warranted.

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Livestream: 17 July 2017

My first attempt at a facebook livestream.

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The Animal Justice Party And “Personhood”

Animal Justice Party logo source: facebook

In what has to be one of the saddest days for the animals I have seen in a long time, fledgling political party, the Animal Justice Party, has succumbed to the same infliction that strikes a majority of so-called micro parties.

Aiming for the famed ‘viral post’ on social media by saying anything that will get clicks/likes/shares.

By attempting the viral post, the powers that be within the Animal Justice Party have shown how little they actually understand the big picture issues.

They have also ensured that nothing they do from now on can or should be taken seriously.

By anyone!

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DxE: For The Animals, Or For Themselves?

Brisbane DxE activists protest against meat. Source: Facebook
Brisbane DxE activists protesting about meat sales. Source: Facebook

The animal advocacy movement appears to be in the midsts of a flurry of activity. The activity ranges from the extreme, such as 269life style brandings and Gateway To Hell protests, marches to close slaughterhouses, and even so-called direct action campaigns by Direct Action Everywhere (DxE).

With participation in DxE protests appearing to be on the increase, it’s time for the following questions to be asked.

Is it really direct action?
Are these done for the animals or the activists themselves?

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The Animal Justice Party Has Failed The Animals Already

Have the AJP and Mark Pearson failed the animals already?
Mark Pearson, a self proclaimed voice for the voiceless who isn’t ashamed to use them as a prop. Source: Facebook

Five days ago, the Honorable Mark Pearson MLC, gave his maiden speech to the NSW’s Legislative Council. With people watching streamed footage, and a packed public gallery, this should have been a watershed moment for the plight of other animals.

Never again will the animals have a captive audience where a supposed dedicated advocate of theirs would be able to champion their cause in such an open forum.

Missed Opportunity

For all the talk and rhetoric of both him and the Animal Justice Party being a voice for the voiceless, he failed to mention anything about seeking justice for them, or that one things that could help the animals.

Going Vegan.

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About The Race That Stops The Nation

Photo Credit: Bigbetting.com.au via Compfight cc

Once again the Race That Stops The Nation,The Melbourne Cup, has been clouded in controversy. This time due to the deaths of two horses, Admire Rakti and Araldo, after the race had been run.

And once again, so-called animal ‘protection’ groups are calling for racing to be banned, and/or people to ‘pledge’ not to bet on racing whilst horses die.

All this is fine and dandy for those groups as it will allow them to build on their 15 mins of fame, and in the case of Animals Australia – increase awareness of their ‘brand’.

Though will it really do anything with regards to the way that humans view other animals?

Sadly, I will have to say no.

To begin with, as long as betting on horses is seen as a way of striking it rich, and horse racing is promoted as the sport of kings it will continue to exist.

Mind you having a look at some of the photos of Flemington racetrack AFTER the event, I believe that it should be renamed the sport of slobs. Sadly, that sort of behaviour isn’t only reserved for racing and is more indicative of our collective lack of respect for pretty much everything.

It is a virtual uphill battle to have other animals given equal consideration when even those who supposedly care for them the most still view them as nothing more than an object. Take the following quote by Mick Moroney, the trainer of Araldo.

Nothing could be done to save the horse after scans showed its pastern had been broken in seven places and resembled a “bag of ice”.

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